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(Unofficial) WARNING - SPOILERS ALLOWED - Talk about Onslaught story thread - SPOILER

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(Unofficial) WARNING - SPOILERS ALLOWED - Talk about Onslaught story thread - SPOILER
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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10.23.2019 , 10:51 PM | #81
Quote: Originally Posted by uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu View Post
Must be a planetary mission then yeah, wonder which one. Pretty sure she isn't among the Dark Council members you kill on Corellia, although one IS female, pretty sure it's not her though. Until seeing someone mention here about her being an actual returning character I had assumed she was just supposed to be among the many nameless (at the time) Sith that fell to my saber on Corellia haha

During 3641 BBY, Lord Savik was among the Sith forces who, under the command of Dark Councilors Darth Hadra and Darth Acharon, was holding off the Republic push on the Legislature Building of Corellia. During the attack she was supposedly killed by a Republic spacer.
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10.23.2019 , 10:53 PM | #82
Ok, so wow.

Finished Mek Sha and the flashpoint.


Felt like classic SWTOR with better story and neat environments. Gotta tell you, playing as a saboteur BH was a hell of a lot of fun.

Onward to Kira and Scourge!

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10.24.2019 , 12:57 AM | #83
Just did the Pub side version on my loyal LS JK.
- Daerunn has really grown on me as a character as has Tau. Seriously I'd love to hang out and have tea with him.
- Arn, I know that voice, he sounds like the same VA as Rosh from Jedi Academy right? All I hear coming from him is Rosh and if anyone's played Jedi Academy knows what a pain that character was, makes me laugh hearing what I assume is Rosh's voice again. I did like his character though and think he and Tau go well together, I hope to see more of them moving forward.
- I enjoyed seeing Scourge and Kira, a little disappointed as I took Doc with me to meet with them on Odesson but he had no dialogue, don't know about T7 or Rusk?
- Again enjoyed Onderon and Mek-Sha.
- Really enjoyed the banter between Lana and Dural and I loved Lana subtly teasing Arn on Onderon, Lana has really grown on me and I am enjoying her character more. Can't wait to see more of her her moving forward.
- Really looking forward to going through with my Smuggler Saboteur, going to be lots of fun I can tell.
- Looking forward to taking through my JC to see Theran again.

Did I prefer pub or imp side? I really like both but if I had to choose I'd pick Imp only because I'm really enjoying my SI saboteur so much. Can't wait to see what happens story wise moving forward.
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BTW, it's really hard not to read your name as Blue****tRecall.
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10.24.2019 , 01:17 AM | #84
It was very brief but serviceable. Was certainly not on the level of the previous expansions. This was more like a DLC.

Having said that, I just finished it on my main - a JK that I've been maining since 2012. I jumped in my chair when Kira and Scourge showed up. That made the whole thing worth it to me. It also just confirmed once again that the Jedi Knight is the main character of SWTOR. (I mean everyone already knew that for the most part, but now it's like, yeah.)

So much connection to the emperor and what happens in the entire SWTOR universe. I'm guessing that whole bit about Satele will be the next FP coming up?

I'm intrigued about that, but I'm calling it now. This will be Satele's swan song. And possibly my main's. I'm feeling like with my whole crew reunited and back on the ship like old times, it might be time for me to retire my JK. I think her story is done after all these years. Time for them to head off into the sunsets. We'll see.

PS. It was cool to see the Republic with a new likeable chancellor.

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10.24.2019 , 05:33 AM | #85
it took me until the 3rd go on Imp side to realize there's a selonian jedi on corellia....and this is why the jedi will always be weak, they let furries in

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10.24.2019 , 04:01 PM | #86
Would be anyone so kind to clear up one thing to me?
Did Darth Nox actually reclaimed his Dark Council seat if he'd chosen to return to the Empire?
Acina didn't specify any details on that, but Vowrawn clearly said something like "YOU and your Alliance will become my Hand" - does this "appointment" contradict with the political position of Dark Council member?

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10.24.2019 , 04:31 PM | #87
I enjoyed the story for the most part. I would have appreciated more moments with Theron, because there can never be enough Theron. ^^ I played it as a Dark Side V JK sympathizing with the Empire.

I liked Indigo the former Mandalorian, and it was a no-brainer to side with him. (Rodians always struck me as being shifty lol).

The worlds were beautiful and interesting, I only wish they were bigger and maybe a bit easier to navigate. There were a couple of places on Mek-Sha that were hard to navigate and it took me a little while to see where I needed to go in order to reach the ambush spot to kill the Rodian.

I do have one quibble, and that's that the story isn't very 'juicy' or 'kind' to a dark side Jedi Knight who sided with the Empire as a saboteur. There was only one flirt and no kiss and with him being angry at the end (that's two kisses missed out on), it left me feeling a bit cold and I rolled another JK to see how the other half live lol. I do hope in the future though, that the story will be a bit kinder romance wise to us darker souls. Maybe that's the point, but Theron love is like air! As it stands right now, only Lana is happy with a saboteur/DSImp/DSPub and I'm not interested in Lana. Sabateur/Dark side/Imp love is dwindling and it kind of sucks. I don't like Theron being mad at me lol.

The other thing that bothered me, was that the choice to blow up the Silencers was considered a dark side choice. I think destroying a weapon that can take out entire starships with thousands of crew members, is probably worth a few lives planetside. It's not really a dark decision to me, it's more militarily sound and made sense. It sucks to be those people, but in taking out those weapons, I'm sure countless more lives were saved.

Damn Malgus is like a roach. His death needs to stick.

I have to chuckle, with my 'help' I seem to be doing more damage to the Empire than actually helping them. It seems absurd that they would be so happy with my services.

Also the revelation of the 'boss' of NR-02 is a bit underwhelming...I had hoped for someone cooler like Vowrawn. In seeing that it's some no-name Sith I've never heard of that seems stuck in just because they needed someone in charge, makes me want to change sides.

I hope that in future stories, we'll get the chance to betray the Empire or act as a double or triple agent lol. It would make sense that a Jedi Knight on the dark side would pretend to go with the Empire in order to find out who is pulling the strings. That and I want to keep Theron's love lol.

I also enjoyed the Scourge/Kira story that came before the 2 minute 'romance' talk. I didn't get much out of the romance talk because I've only played the one knight that romances Theron. I'm grateful though, that we finally, all these years later get a Scourge romance. I have a knight for him too, just have to level her up a bit more.

It seems like Onslaught is the prelude to something bigger and I hope that's the case. Also, the music change after all this time was good, it's a bit jarring when you don't expect it, but it has grown on me.

So there are a few of my thoughts, if anyone cares.
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10.24.2019 , 04:49 PM | #88
Quote: Originally Posted by TGaP_Andrey View Post
Would be anyone so kind to clear up one thing to me?
Did Darth Nox actually reclaimed his Dark Council seat if he'd chosen to return to the Empire?
Acina didn't specify any details on that, but Vowrawn clearly said something like "YOU and your Alliance will become my Hand" - does this "appointment" contradict with the political position of Dark Council member?
I'm not sure, but Acina DID say if I returned to the Empire ALL my previous holdings would be mine to claim, that must include my seat right? Especially since I just scooped Anathel out of it like a wet rag out of a toilet bowl. Acina surely wouldn't dare to put another person in that seat now, I'd just kill them too next time the Council meets lol. Maybe it can be the seat she appoints people she wants to die to lol

Forgot to mention how much I loved being able to work with Malgus in the expac too. Obviously I know he'll once again be an enemy before long, but it was cool to be treated as even more powerful than him for ONCE. Loved that I could talk down to him if I wanted too haha. My rage monster SW will definitely be doing that, but it didn't feel like something my SI would do, I was glad how the more friendly convo options sounded. Not subservient, but not overly aggressive either.

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10.24.2019 , 04:59 PM | #89
if only there wasnt a 5 year skip in the story.

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10.24.2019 , 05:30 PM | #90
Quote: Originally Posted by CharlesBoyd View Post
Ok, thanks for the info. However this you decide to comment on? Not any of the crafting threads!