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Discussion Topic: Master Mode Operation Gear Drops

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Discussion Topic: Master Mode Operation Gear Drops
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DarthZaul's Avatar

06.14.2017 , 03:59 PM | #11
Unassembled components should drop from ALL difficulty raid bosses. That's the only way for PVE to be anywhere near balanced with how much easier it is to get 248s through GSF.

BenKatarn's Avatar

06.14.2017 , 04:08 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthZaul View Post
Unassembled components should drop from ALL difficulty raid bosses. That's the only way for PVE to be anywhere near balanced with how much easier it is to get 248s through GSF.
This. Likewise, a small amount should be received for an Operations Weekly. Unassembled Components have become the old commendations of the pre-Galactic Command, and should be treated as such. In fact, Unassembled Components currently are more sought-after than Alliance Supply Crates, and would make for a better Heroic reward (or, even better, in addition to Crates).
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Danery's Avatar

06.14.2017 , 04:17 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthZaul View Post
Unassembled components should drop from ALL difficulty raid bosses. That's the only way for PVE to be anywhere near balanced with how much easier it is to get 248s through GSF.
I dont think thats a fair assessment at all. It takes a LOT of unassembled components to grind a full set of gear from 236 all the way to 248, whereas you can get all 242 gear from doing a small number of operations (2 of which are some of the easiest content in the game- EV and KP). And if you are an ops player, it is significantly easier to fully upgrade by balancing doing HM operations with running pvp and gsf every week. If you are just a straight pvp or gsf player, you have to rely solely on UC's from matches and the daily/weekly and your luck with RNGsus in the crates. It is way easier to get fully geared doing ops than it is to just do straight pvp. That being said, I think adjusting either the number of UC's you get from doing PVP and GSF and adding other ways to get them so that both have a viable way to get them or reducing the cost of components for items is better than the current system. It is a huge grind, even if all you are doing is upgrading from 242 to 248 let alone if you have to start at 236 and upgrade from there. I get that it shouldnt be something that is easily done in a week or two, but right now it takes a week or two to get 1 piece unless you pvp or gsf all day non-stop and even then it takes a lot of matches for one piece. As an example, to upgrade your mainhand you would need to do the daily and the weekly and a minimun of 33 matches assuming you were able to win every single match and 88 matches if you lost every match. And thats to upgrade from tier 3 to tier 4. That doesnt include if you have to start with purchasing Tier 2 and then upgrading it to Tier 3. Making UC's legacy wide would help a bit with this, and we know they can do it- they did it with command tokens.

Another question I guess I would have for Option 2 is what about those operations that do not have a master mode (excluding EV/KP because just no) but are some of the hardest content still in the game in Veteran Mode (ToS, Ravagers, and at least for now Valley of the Machine Gods)? I believe and I could be wrong that HM in ToS and RaV still also drops the tier 4 artifact/prototype gear but I could be wrong. If you all were to implement a system where one could get UC's off operations bosses in Master Mode, are you going to include content that is potentially more difficult than at least some of the Master Mode content?
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SirUrza's Avatar

06.14.2017 , 04:18 PM | #14
Master Mode bosses should drop the tier 4 tokens just like Story/Veteran drops t2/t3 tokens. Stop wasting everyone's time. This meta sucks.

Bring EV and KP up to Master Mode. Over tune them to deal a lot of damage and have plenty of one shots on mistakes since new mechanics aren't an option.

Please stop wasting everyone's time with non-traditional schemes that don't work and no one likes.

CarlGustaf's Avatar

06.14.2017 , 04:19 PM | #15
I really like version 2!!!

the changes you did with the patch yesterday was a step in the right direction. The problem I have with random drops on every boss, you could get a blue operativ dps gear and noone plays a operativ as an alt in the whole group.

aditionally you can get blue gear which is the same or even worse than the legendary gear from veteran mode.

If you don't place unassambled peaces in the loot table, atleast make them all purple gear so they are a little bit better than veteran mode.
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Elssha's Avatar

06.14.2017 , 04:19 PM | #16
I'm torn on this.

On one hand, it would be nice if the dailies gave unassembleds, along with the NiM Ops (no, never calling them master).

That way vets would be more inclined to do groupfinder (maybe help teach people wanting to learn?) for the components and progging NiM wouldn't be such a gearless endevor. It would have to be maybe ~20 per daily or NiM boss?

... on the *other* I think it's nice that the game rewards you for doing multiple types of content. There's people doing PvP and Ops that would have only stuck to the other previously.

If the above would happen the PvP components per match should go up as well, otherwise Ops would be the gear express way and PvP would get even *more* nerfed in comparison.

fire-breath's Avatar

06.14.2017 , 04:20 PM | #17
I really would prefer option 2 (even over having specific token drops).

The reason for this is that it gives you so much more flexibility with upgrading items. The ability to choose which item to upgrade 1st is a good thing. For example I could upgrade my mainhand 1st without having to clear the specific boss that drops the mainhand.

Next to the flexibility you also have the benefit of always being able to do the mastermodes that you like instead of bashing against a specific boss that some groupmembers hate. Also each bosskill WILL work towards you being fully BiS.

Lastly. It gives the people who don't want to PvP an easier time to upgrade their gear too.

So yes. Sign me up for option 2
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teclado's Avatar

06.14.2017 , 04:21 PM | #18
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthZaul View Post
Unassembled components should drop from ALL difficulty raid bosses. That's the only way for PVE to be anywhere near balanced with how much easier it is to get 248s through GSF.
I've actually never even tried GSF, but I wouldn't call it "easy" to get 248s via PvP, unless you consider a very long grind to be easy. Depending on numbers, giving out Unassembled Components for farming story mode ops bosses would further skew the balance in favor of operations, in terms of "ease" of getting gear. If we're talking 3 UC per SM boss, sure. If we're talking much more than that, I refer you to the fact that you can spend 20 minutes or more in a lengthy warzone and leave with only 3 UC. Then you get a shot at a 236 piece from the SM boss, which equates to over a hundred UC via PvP (purchase a 236 piece via UC directly).

Anyway, whatever you do, consider the balance of time and difficulty. Consider the balance of PvP and PvE both. Bluntly, you created this problem when you got rid of expertise. Just sayin'.
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Eli_Porter's Avatar

06.14.2017 , 04:21 PM | #19
The second option is much better, and i'd add some to SM and HM as well (at a much lower rate) for consistency's sake.

mike_carton's Avatar

06.14.2017 , 04:22 PM | #20
As far as Ops drops of 248 pieces is concerned, there is the option of the MM final bosses and the "Gods from the Machine" boss(es) on VM dropping "Unassembled Gear Tokens" that are not specifically tied to any armor slot. This should let the winners of those tokens to pick gear piece for any slot from the Tier 4 vendors. This will address the issue of the 248 loot table being incomplete.

  • No new drops or significant changes needed

  • Players have to do MM Ops just as now

  • Players have to do down the last boss just as now

  • 2 out of 8 (or 4 out of 16) players will gain the gear just as now

  • PvE players will have a chance to get all 14 248s from Ops
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