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Discussion Topic: Master Mode Operation Gear Drops

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Discussion Topic: Master Mode Operation Gear Drops
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06.15.2017 , 10:28 AM | #101
Quote: Originally Posted by EzioMessi View Post
Bring back Expertise gear, place it at tier 230/236, place bolster at 224, and revert PvE gearing back to dropping one piece per boss, reliably, allowing PvErs who clear NiM to get NiM-gear. This really isn't difficult, the system ALREADY EXISTS.
Quote: Originally Posted by Foambreaker View Post
When is the PvP gear with expertise coming out?
This feels like it's getting off topic, but it's really not. All gearing is tied together now, when IMO it really should not be.

I vote to bring back expertise and cheap PvP gear. The reason that PvP gearing has to be grindy in 5.0 is because expertise is gone. I think that NiM (aka Master Mode) operation clearing should give the best gear in the game, because it is the hardest content in the game. Casual warzones should not give the best PvE gear.

I know that a lot of people hated having two gear sets, but that really is the best solution. Maybe have some sort of "outfit designer" type tab system on which you can apply a PvP gear set and a PvE gear set. When you enter a warzone, your PvP tab is automatically selected. Give everybody a basic PvP set (like the Recruit gear back in the day) that will be the default. That way, anybody can just hop into a warzone without even having to think about PvP gear, unless you want to, and get full expertise. You could also remove bolster from level 70 PvP (the free gear sets your bottom threshold, and it effectively is your bolster). You could still have a PvP gearing progression, but it would be separate from the PvE gearing progression. For open world, whenever you are flagged for pvp, your pvp gear tab gets selected.

You could set the free default "recruit" gear to something like 224 rating (with 2018 expertise), then have 230 and 236 PvP gear sets (both with 2018 expertise). Make it so that only pieces with the correct amount of expertise can be applied to a given slot on the PvP gear tab (to avoid people accidentally screwing themselves over).
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06.15.2017 , 10:29 AM | #102
One more thing Keith, you should make gearing slower a bit. People are already full of 248 toons.

The ideal thing would be making Story mode and Veteran mode not dependant on gear that much (entry lvl gear gathered in flashpoints, uprisings etc) for both, for vet augs required) and doing veteran mode would grant you with gear that would be good enough for doing mastermode + simplifying or clarifying the operation modes.

And remove gear requirement from pvp. One set of stats and that is all.

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06.15.2017 , 10:32 AM | #103
As a long time player and someone that has done Gate Crasher and From Beyond post 5.0 I have a very good grasp on loot. I have looked at this question and solution from a PVE and PVP aspect. So here goes. I realize that with the changes that have taken place since Galactic Command things have been rocky. So lets talk about the PVP side of SWTOR in its current reform. The grind for UA Components is very very grinding and not fair to the PVP community. the Nightmare bosses should all drop 248 token pieces and make them match the HM bosses loot table. I understand you want the new raid to be the place for BIS however it is just one boss until July and it wont be complete until maybe October if we are lucky. That said you have essentially rolled out 5.0 and with the introduction of UA Comps you have made that and Command Tokens the very thing you aimed to purge from the game "currency and accommodations" You really need to think long and hard as someone who wants to strike balance between the PVE and PVP community. You also need to realize that GC was introduced as a way to help casual players get BIS gear so you kinda put yourselves in a pickle .... In my truly honest opinion you can keep GC in place as supplementary but revert to the way gears worked in 2.0 with all due respect think about your player base and fix it

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06.15.2017 , 10:39 AM | #104
I really like this option Eric. Thank you for really thinking about your customers (cough)!

Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post

3. We double the amount of drops awarded in both 8 and 16-player difficulties. This means there is a random aspect of what is dropping, but there will be more chances of receiving Tier 4 gear based on the number of players participating in the Operation. Additionally we will add Unassembled Components to each boss. This would mean that players running Master Mode would not only be receiving a chance at Tier 4 gear, but they are also working towards being able to upgrade/purchase the Tier 4 gear they need. We realize Unassembled Components have been attributed to PvP activities, but we could make that adjustment. Finally we will change all unassembled tokens to Bind on Legacy so that those alternate characters aren't neglected and you can spice up your gameplay by changing class and role besides your main character.

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06.15.2017 , 10:42 AM | #105
The second option seems fine IF flue/purple tier 4 gear could be upgraded to Gold (248), not just upgrading 242 to 248 as in PvP...

Bottom line is - Master mode drop on any boss must beat Veteran drop by a SIGNIFICANT amount...
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06.15.2017 , 10:49 AM | #106
these are both horrible, the first because there's only a very few bosses dropping the gear the second because you have to do a lower tier to get the shell to turn in the components from the harder tier.
Instead nix both of those ideas. You can make the VotMG drop 248 on HM but make the old content NIM drop 242& Components for Everyone, with a chance for 248s throughout and 100% chance on last bosses. The reason I say for everyone is because it will push people to go for the hardest content.
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06.15.2017 , 10:52 AM | #107
Quote: Originally Posted by Torvai View Post
The problem isn't the amount of drops. It's WHAT drops.
Hush now, that would mean re-thinking the lazy, cheap, decade-out-of-date, RNG gearing scheme that Bioware has "invested" in.

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06.15.2017 , 10:58 AM | #108
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthBatemanJ View Post
Option 2...but ideally option 3 where the drops are specific as all the other tiers. This imho shouldn't be a hard concept to grasp.
It really shouldn't be this hard to grasp. They even fully acknowledged that no one is complaining about SM/HM where drops are specific and predictable, but proceed to make no proper improvement to predictability of NiM drops.

They should at least temporarily let PvErs get full 248s from NiM, and ONCE they have released the entirety of the VotMG operations, they should make it BiS and do whatever else they want with the old NiM content.
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06.15.2017 , 11:07 AM | #109
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Copy/Pasta error on my part from one of the older versions of the post. Consider it fixed!

Pasta. Well, now I'm hungry.
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06.15.2017 , 11:18 AM | #110
Quote: Originally Posted by AscendingSky View Post
[B][I]Considering you can get UCs just from AFKing out in a corner of a PvP map or repeatedly smashing your ship into rocks in GSF all day, getting a few of them per MM boss (which you can only take down once a week per character!) would be an almost insulting gesture at this point
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