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Smuggler/Agent 4 piece set bonuses

LiableArab's Avatar

Yesterday , 02:09 PM | #1
I've been using Probe Tech and Quick Thinker, I have the slow roads (I kept on getting it in conquest crates, so I am at 6/7 on that lol) and I feel some improvements must be made for them to be utilizable.

For Probe Tech, honestly it absorbs about 5k dmg for an ally and then kaput. With everyone capped at c. 290k hp with bolster, and people critting for 70k left and right, 5k is a bit low isn't it? Or at the very least even if after the defense screen gets absorbed, perhaps a 20% DR that remains for 6 seconds after it dissipates.

Quick Thinker, as useful as it's been to have a short stun every minute 30 is not as useful. Now, if they increased the duration of said stun to 4 or 5 seconds, that would be interesting. Or even if they added a reflect to it!

Slow Road, this set I had a lot of hope for before I saw the sad state of what it is. First off, 30% slow only? That barely puts a dent into a player. I feel it should root the target player, and provide at least a 60% slow for a duration of 3-5 seconds on all surrounding players.

You may be thinking "oh, what overpowered changes" etc. etc. But, in order to use these sets you're essentially giving up on 6-piece set bonuses that are actually BiS for the respective classes, how many Operatives do you see with a 4-piece, or gunslingers? Absolutely none, but if they're expanded upon they can be more useful in tandem with specific play styles a certain player enjoys.

"Oh, Slow Road will provide a root, how unbalanced is that" is what people will be saying, but truly, how many people will actually go for Slow Road instead of Established Foothold or Precise Targeter on Gunslinger? The number will be extremely low.

I know, no one uses the 4-pieces either way, but I think they're fantastic ideas and really have potential to be support-orientated and do a good job of helping out the team.