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Valkorion comming back on 6.0 ?

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Valkorion comming back on 6.0 ?

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08.14.2017 , 07:14 AM | #131
Please no. Nothing is worse than being told that a character started as a mortal, turned themselves immortal and that you aren't allowed to either turn them back into a mortal and then kill them or turn yourself immortal via the same process and then kill them.

If there are rules, then those rules should be equally applied to everyone. So you should never ever make a character like the Emperor. Ever. They don't work. But if you already have made the mistake, then you should make the next phase of the story center on the PCs going on a quest to find a way to remove the Emperor's immortality instead of getting involved in a pointless go nowhere adventure with Hutts and mining rights, or a planet named Ziost where you fail to give the PCs an actual plan or task to accomplsh on the planet or cognizeable reason for running around on the planet when the one thing the PCs need to be doing is finding a way to turn the emperor mortal instead of running around on Ziost without a plan or reason for being there.
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You can't add completely arbitrary assumptions on to someone's statement. When a statement is made, take it for what it is not for what it could be if you tack on 7 more words of your own choosing.