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PT vs AP Pt- Uses Question

tommytiger's Avatar

02.05.2018 , 05:00 PM | #1
So as far as i can see AP is burst high crit, an AP is sustained burn. So for AP you need the target to die in the first 35 seconds an in AP you need the fight to last longer than 35 secs to be useful. (coming from optimized gdc's with correct alacrity build, for purpose of this assume this is a given where mentioned).

So why would it not be viable to take a AP pt and a madness Sorc into a ranked situation? I tried it last night with some mates and we both got over 2.2 mill dps in 3 rounds of corellia arena. The healer simply couldnt sustain against that level of dot.

yes i felt soft being the pt but with the +45% move speed boost you can kite anyone and take the double rocket jump perk to move great distances (leap to enemy healer after kiting dps away so they cant leap back to you for a bit).

Is there something im not seeing about this spec thats bad? if you skill correctly and know how to get the most of every move you'll be ok.
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02.05.2018 , 11:59 PM | #2
AP is burst high crit, an AP is sustained burn
u wot m8?

Assuming thats Pyrotech
I'ma sum this up as best as I can.

Any and Every strategy has a winning formulae for success. Measure the value of that formulae, not the outcome

Regarding the kiting. If it works you're a good player, if it fails your opponent is a good player.
People complain about PT because they look at what other class interactions can be done in comparison to theirs, and one will end up being inferior. Simple as that

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02.13.2018 , 01:36 AM | #3
This is what Merc used to be.
If you got a chance they died, but mostly they chased you around while your teammates tried to kill them. This was about a 4 year year cycle with PT having at least one great spec and sometimes 2 good dps specs.
If the game last it will flip back, but having a class that you really enjoy and know how to function in with some extra work is a good badge to wear unless you are going for the top 20% of comp players (are there that many to make this a valid number).
Class change and balance is a never ending family feud.
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