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Pyro Tech PVP Tips?

Sith-Viscera's Avatar

12.29.2017 , 09:22 AM | #11
Well BW see all those comments about your PT? You think this might make you motivated to want to make this class better, even playable in PVP. If you dont want this class to totally die off, (BTW it is almost dead) Then Fix it please.
I like to see more, a lot more of that green flamed icon in PVP.......
Referral link, Use it, don't use it. It's what ever. But if you do, Thank You.

rolandps's Avatar

01.02.2018 , 01:21 PM | #12
Another post that's positive up to Pyrotech in PvP...

If you play it good, even Pyrotech can be viable in pvp.

I've played Pyrotech for the last 3-4 weeks in PvP, including Regular Playgrounds, Team and even Solo Ranked Arenas.

Here is my experience so far...

I have always been queuing with a good sorc healer. I was hitting top dmg with most dps, up to 7.28k DPS with 5.8m overall dmg. Unfortunately i didn't make a screenshot, but maybe some people know me from regulars on malgus server, my PTs name is Imapowi.

Solo Ranked:
- 4 DD games: Absolute trash unless you have 2 offhealing operatives and marauder in your team so that you can kite + survive for more than 30 secs (which means 2x kolto overload)
- 3 DD 1 H games: Pretty nice, you can survive longer than juggs by kiting + even still reaching top DPS. Unless you're facing triple fury marauder because they are simply destroying you withing a few seconds
- 2 DD 1 H 1 T games: In combo with PT tank absolute lovely for aoe pressure (because you can keep high numbers even vs 2x ranged DDs + a kiting sorc heal)

Team Ranked:
- Absolute trash vs hard swap teams, because you can't keep up
- Might be more viable vs pressure aoe comps coz of low kolto cd

A note I need to point out...
Pyrotech is like Hatred Assassins, with the difference that it's slightly (or really noticable) worse.
When you are hitting 5k dps, hatred assassins hit 6k dps. When you hit 7k dps, hatred assassins hit 8k dps (i know that thanks to keira queuing as assassin hatred).
That might be because of 2 dots being spread. Referencing to pyrotech as spec itself)
In addition, which places pyrotech in a much worse disadvantage in this comparison, assassins have lot better DCDs.

Maybe you think of comparing pyrotech with anni mara, with veng jug or even with dot sorc / leth op. Pyrotech is so completely different (in my opinion) because of scorch.

Just a suggestion: Don't try to keep scorch on 8 targets in regs, 4 is enough to go. Maybe even better dps because of more often flaming fist, rail shot + immolate on your primary target (which is usually sniper, merc or sage for me. I'm reaching 29k crits with immolate with 1900 alacrity + 1900 critical build on snip/merc/sorc on 7900 basic damage with all proccs)

samkastl's Avatar

01.02.2018 , 04:46 PM | #13
Agree whith rolandps.
1. your best choice cc and slow buff uttilities (like enhanced paralytics and mutilating shard's). 25% AoE buff will be good
for enemies like mercs, their responsive safe guards can absorb only single target dmg abilities.
2. Remember mobilitty ana evading - this key to survive for PTs.
3. Your best friends - healers and DoT based classes in team (mara ani, merc pyro, sniper virulence, oper. lethality - they all applied the assailable debuff on target that gives 7% dmg to target; remeber all of your attacks is elemental based).
4. Remember colto overload 1 of your best def utilities, this abilitty reduce dmg taken by 30% when active and can keeping by 1 min and trig the abilitty when you low 35% in this spec.See on dicpline tree.
5. Don;t forget you can put crazy AoE, dot spreading whith deadly onslaught and flame sweep.
6. My opinion - find friend healer, pyro class its teamliked. But in unranked wz its fine too.
7. Taunt and mass taunt your best friends too. Use by CD on enemies that try to kill your teammate, bring them pain.

Remember if you choose pyroPT on PvP, you choose hard way but you will be rewarded greatly