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<Architecture of Aggression> Is Recruiting!

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<Architecture of Aggression> Is Recruiting!

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02.26.2021 , 10:32 AM | #1
Hello SWTOR!

AofA is recruiting all player types to come and join our ranks, whether you're a new or returning player, F2P or subbed, we welcome all! We are a new, small guild, on the Star Forge server, Imperial side, but have had some rapid growth on our week and a half as a guild. We currently run scheduled events (flashpoints and heroics) since we are smaller, but we are very eager to expand into operations, PVP, and Roleplay!

What we offer:

A friendly place to come and play the game! We are very new player friendly, and willing to help anyone at a moments notice. We are starting to get regularly scheduled group content, and currently have met large yield conquest for, though we do not have a conquest quota that needs to be met. We also have a Discord for all guild updates, a fully decorated Nar Shadda stronghold, and active leadership.

Where we hope to be in the very near future:

We have officer positions currently open, and are driving hard to fill those positions. Right now, we are looking to fill our Operations and Roleplay officer spots so that we can expand into those aspects of the game. We are also working to expand our guild flagship, but what is unlocked has also been decorated. Lastly, we are also working to find an Events officer, so we can start rolling out more scheduled content for the guild!

If any of the above sounds like it would work for you, whether it's coming in as a member, our with interest in those officer positions, just find Corebyn Cyndrik or Gyrg in game, or if neither of us are online, send a mail, and one of us will be back in touch, soon!