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Question about Jedi Shadow advanced class play style

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Question about Jedi Shadow advanced class play style

ZioGio's Avatar

07.25.2019 , 06:28 PM | #1
I'm a returning player. Previously, the three characters I rotated through were a Commando, a Sage, and a Gunslinger so, obviously, my preferred play style is turret.

I'm rolling a Shadow because I want that mix of force powers and saber fighting at the 4m - 10m range.

Which of the three advanced Shadow classes will fit my turret (or, I guess for a melee class, toe-to-toe) play style more? I will mostly be doing solo story PvE.

I'm thinking Kinetic (tank), but I thought I'd ask here from those who have played one or all of the advanced classes.


Farstrider's Avatar

08.26.2019 , 11:59 PM | #2
Hi there,

Welcome back to SWTOR!

I main a Shadow and to be honest I enjoy all three roles within the class,

Infiltration - Burst damage, melee range and single target focused, with a smattering of CC and the class staple Force Cloak as a part of an easy rotation. This would be my go to for solo play, running a tanking or healing companion at endgame.

Serenity - DoT based DPS role, great for AoE and sustaining damage in group content, this synergises a mid range with needing to proc skills with melee - again with some CC thrown in but having little to do with Force Cloak. The rotation for this role can be tricky to get down until you have spent some time with it. Any loss of focus or a misstep yields sub par DPS. I would stick with Infiltration (though kiting is possible with force slow)

Kinetic Combat - Strong tanking build with fair damage, melee focused for proccing damage mitigating skills but you can pull back to kiting distance once applied, very high shield chance and absorb thresholds but relies on active tanking (using a skill rotation to keep your defenses up) great CC options.

Overall for pace I'd run Infiltration for its damage and rotation but Kinetic Combat is exceptionally viable, depends on your preference. I run Kinetic Combat for Master Mode KotET and KotFE missions.

The above is opinion, checkout for some great guides and info!

Happy Shadowing!