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Stronghold spawnpoints

Skyofthemist's Avatar

05.26.2020 , 06:34 PM | #1
With the new strongholds there is set spawnpoints. Some has allready voiced how this effect them when traveling around and returning. While this is annoying, there is also another issue that I would like to adress. This game has bed decorations and many do decorate a bedroom for their characters. Some, like me might like to put them to bed as well. Sleeping after a hard day of work and all that. In the morning though, my character wakes up outside on a platform or in the to say, she is not happy!

Why can't we chose if we want a spawnpoint?

For me that makes the new strongholds just something to decorate for fun, not actually a place for my character to live or use in any meaningfull way. Also for those of us that do RP, for the character to suddenly be somewhere else after logging out, breaks the story. This game has a quite large RP comunity, and this is something I know have made other RP's not interested in the new strongholds at all. Something I find sad,because decorating strongholds and use them in a storyline for your character can greatly enrich the game.

Pls make it so that we can chose if we want a set spawnpoint or appear where we last logged out!