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Need help and advice.

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10.06.2018 , 06:38 PM | #1
I need help with something. I have a Bounty Hunter named Zarbreka. Not exactly sure when but a while ago I found I had two Torian companions. I found this out because I was leveling Torian and I accidently clicked on what I call the copy Torian and gave him some gifts raising him to level 4. So I had my original Torian who was a level 47 when this happened and a copy Torian who was a level 4. I was also doing the KOTET chapters durning this time as well. I put in a couple of tickets and a bug report but go no answer and since having two Torians wasn't hurting anything I let it go. I finished leveling my original Torian to level 50 and finished the KOTET chapters. For months after leveling my original Torian up and finishing the KOTET chapters I had no problems except for the copy Torian still being listed and all. A couple of weeks ago I re-did chapter 14 for conquest and then a few days after doing that when I got back into my toon I went to call my companion as he was missing and found my original Torian gone and the copy Torian was still there and still a level 4. So I put in a ticket on it. The guy who answered my ticket said it was due to me starting the KOTET chapters and that the game was working as it was suppose to. I am very upset over this because I know it isn't true and feel like this Ronnel guy doesn't want to do his job and is just writing me off. I even sent in a second ticket because the first one was closed so I couldn't update it and they just closed the second one without an answer. How hard is it to admit there was a mistake and to make it right. In this case it would be very easy to make it right. If he had said sorry about my situation and given me a automatic level 50 companion gift so that I could raise the copy Torian to 50 I wouldn't be feeling the way I am now. Also why would they do that? If doing the chapters can permently change your companion's level then why are we spending time and money to raise their influence level when we are just going to lose it in game play anyways? Please help me to get some satisfaction over this situation because I am seriously considering of cancelling my sub and never play again if this is how I am going to be treated by Bioware! Thank you.