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Why does Smash hit harder than Annihilate?

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Why does Smash hit harder than Annihilate?

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02.20.2013 , 07:07 PM | #91
Quote: Originally Posted by Darth_Lycan View Post
I'll make an argument against my own opinion. With enough rage built up, Annihilate can max instantly at anytime you like just as long as it's not on cool down obviously. Sure Smash can be casted instantly just like Annihilate, but you won't get the most out of it by doing so. You have to go though the timed process of getting 4 stacks of Shockwave then either Force Leaping or Obliterating to insure that Smash with get a critical hit, so because this process takes longer you should be rewarded the higher crit, but I don't know that you should be rewarded the higher crit and the AoE'ness of Smash together. Perhaps a way to 'fix' or balance Rage spec more would be to distribute the damage of Smash more based on the number of enemies hit. So for example if you were to Smash 1 enemy you might crit them for 6000 damage, but if you Smash 2 enemies instead you would do 5500 damage to each of them instead of 6000 to each of them (my math is obviously not to scale for this but there would have to be an equation to figure out what this damage distribution would be that a programmer would be able to determine). Thoughts?
I competely disagree with this point!
The pace that Rage speced player gathers stacks of fury is blinding quik! If you smash on 3 targets
you get 25+ stacks and you are ready to go again.
You can charge/obliterate your opponet and force choke and you gather stacks of shockwave while he cant do anything if his cc breaker is on cd them exact monemt he can move u can him asap with you apex combo!!

imo the problem with rage is not how mauch dmg it does , the actual problem is that it is TOO EASY!!! It is completely reasonable(to me) why people call rage spec warriors "SMASH MONKEYS"
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02.20.2013 , 08:08 PM | #92
As far as Annihilation spec is concerned imo annihilate should be devastating but its not and if they buff it wiill create great imabalance.
Given that i have 2 suggestions:
1) It should be a bit easier to get 3stacks of annihilator buff(i.e. get 3 stacks when you pop beserk)
but we DEFINETLY need anihilator buff to last longer it takes great effort to build it* and it is very easy to lose it especially on pvp
2) i think that Anni spec somehow has to get quiker of building stack of fury

P.S. annihilation is very good spec well balanced but its good only for Opeartions.

-On pvp you are pretty much forced to play Rage if y wanna do RWZ even if Annihilation is still the indisputed king of 1v1 you can not be as usefull as a rage speced player on a rwz team.

-pve-wise as i said above on ops the dmg output is amzing due to its sustained dps, it is completely nerveracking to do planetary dailiy quests with it. Many of you might consinder it a mere issue but for me it is not.
i.e. imagine trying to kill a pack of 4+ weak mobs and 1+ stong monb(s) it is pure misery

As far as Rage spec is concerned i dont have much to say its not OP not at all but it is EASY actaually it is effortless!
I read many replies arguing that getting maximum dmg on smash requires a long proceedure blah blah.
We all know that this is a lie.Obvisously you see that the spec is going to be nerfed and you are making excuses. It soooooooooooooo easy to gather fury on this spec , personanly when i am on rage spec every time after i smash all i need is charge/oblieterate(maybe a v-slash maybe...) and my beserk is up again.

imo devs should (kind of )nerf Rage spec but it should orianted towards the rotaion and certainly NOTon the dmg output
all hail Darth Revan

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02.21.2013 , 01:36 AM | #93
Annihilation is actually much better at solo-pve, its just less of a thrash cleaner.

But it remains the sole dps spec, all class together, I was able to solo a pylon guardian with.

Anyway this whole thread is pointless.

Annihilate has awesome damage for an ability that doesnt need any setup, (I see crits in the high 4k/low 5k on the mainhand) and smash is getting nerfed to the ground.