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Tacticals ideas

Rolodome's Avatar

07.11.2019 , 04:14 PM | #1
I dunno if there's some sort of official place for throwing out ideas for tacticals, but I figured I'd throw some out here.

[Stealth classes] Sap can affect two different NPC targets at the same time.
[General] Rocket Boost is turned into a mount that is allowed indoors, i.e. no cooldown, no set duration, and you can mount/dismount at any time.
[Reflect abilities] Rather than doing the damage immediately, it can be stored and then released at will. Releasing it can't do more than something like 25-50% of the target's maximum health if they are a player. Releasing it causes the ability to go on cooldown. (so sort of like how shoulder cannon works)
[General] Kolto stations can be used at range with a ground target ability, i.e. you target the ability on the station and if it's in radius, it triggers it. (I don't know that this is a tacticals idea, so much as a random idea for expanding how kolto stations work, but... brainstorming!)
[General] Payback: Using a stun break ability resets the cooldown on your main stun ability.
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