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Have the Republic character as the big bad

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Have the Republic character as the big bad

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12.29.2016 , 06:26 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by MollyDresden View Post
Yeah, I was thinking of her. I think a Republic villain is totally doable, as Saresh proves. It would be a different, more real-world kind of villain. Evil is not synonymous with Empire and good is not synonymous with Republic. Evil and good can exist in both factions, but I think a Republic evil would be more insidious, more covert, and would be a lot better at pretending to be good. Which, IMO, is a much scarier kind of evil than a cackling space warlock.
I agree, and I prefer a story where you're surprised by the villain and also where society as a whole doesn't see them as a villain and doesn't believe you about them. It makes for a more interesting and clever story IMO than the cackling space warlock as you said

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12.30.2016 , 07:13 PM | #12
It could be like Wing Commander IV's villain. Look it up.

Although the gameplay and production value was far faaaaaaaaaar inferior to the previous entry, the storyline was very well done.
SWTOR gameplay edited like a television series