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Interesting side quests worth doing?

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Interesting side quests worth doing?

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12.29.2016 , 02:45 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by catsi View Post
One side quest I always do on every character is on Voss. Namely the quest to do the Trials at the Shrine of healing. Its an interesting mission that ends with a vision presaging your characters end game.
That's not a side quest. That's the Planetary Arc. But yeah, I do that one as well.

For those who aren't sure, here's a quick (and incomplete) rundown on mission-givers and their markers:
* Class Story: there are no mission-givers for these missions, but intermediate and final goals are marked with purple symbols.
* Planetary Arc stories: The mission-givers and goals for these are marked with purple triangles and/or swirly things.
* Exploration missions: These are hidden by default, but when you turn on the option in the top-right corner of the world map panel, they appear as yellow triangles with a little four-point star by them. Or as yellow swirlies for intermediate area goals.
* Side missions: These are visible by default, marked by plain yellow triangles.
* Repeatable missions (Story Flashpoints): These are marked like the Planetary Arc mission-givers.
* Repeatable missions (Other Flashpoints): These are marked like the Side missions.
* Repeatable missions (Heroics): Yellow triangle with arrows, a bit like a Recycling symbol.
* PvP mission terminals: Red triangle with complicated twiddlies around it.
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12.29.2016 , 12:53 PM | #12
Regardless of if I'm doing a completionist run or a class quests 'n go run, I always make a point of doing the Revanite chain on Dromond Kaas and the Gree droids repair quests on Coruscant. They both grant a title upon completion.

Other quest chains I fond of are the Revan's Vault one on Nar Shadda (I think) because it does have some interesting backstory with a possible lead up to later on content, and while it's a planetary arc, Tatooine's arc with Czerka on Republic side since it's kinda of a lead up to the later Czerka stuff and I just can't resist a quest chain with proper

edit: There's an Imperial version that I completely forgot about because I've done too many speed runs. I am so embarrassed...
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