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Why Macros belong in TOR.

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Why Macros belong in TOR.

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09.02.2014 , 07:12 AM | #1061
Quote: Originally Posted by CrazyOldMystic View Post
People must be getting bored this past week, has been the week to bring back ancient posts, this one from 2011 lol.

Macros bad, people exploit, that is all.
to bad so sad...
macros are already in game...
there is no way BW can stop them because to many devices can be programed to run macros..
keyboards, game pads, ect all with macros programed in to them..
the only ones that benifit from macros not being in game are those of us who use these devices giving a edge in energy management and buff refreshing.
the same skills are required with or with out macros which are nothing more then button pushes.
knowing when to change attack patterns ect thats the real skill in these games.
not how fast you can fat finger a key.
now SCRIPTING is another issue...
that IMO is cheating since it is basicly a 3 party program that is using information from the GUI to decide on actions automaticly with out user input.
IE auto heals not on a timer... based instead of the health shown on the screen,,,

also where i will always have a advantage in the game is the fact my macros can be broken by lifting my finger off the key....
vs those who use macros that are set and will run hell bent to the end of the macro...
i can always break mine and change tactics or use single button presses meaning i am not commited to the macro once it starts...
most MMO you are commited....