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Best MMO PvP you ever played?

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Best MMO PvP you ever played?

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01.31.2012 , 06:19 PM | #1091
Quote: Originally Posted by SeloDaoC View Post
Many players have only played WoW before, so they have nothing to compare to. Its the same with those players that mention games like Runescape and..Tibia. The new generation

WoW PvP is horrible compared to games like DaoC and UO. WoW even tried to take battlegrounds from DaoC (even same names) but failed badly
NO idea how it failed badly, opinions are oppinions and many people like WoW PvP, just like you like DAoC, its justr matter of taste which PvP is best for different people. I doubt any MMORPG with DAoC kinda RVR system would ever break 1 mil subs. If it was "best" PvP ever im sure gaming companies woule rub their hands while making clones of it. If someone likes WoW most, someone Runescape, someone DAoc, they are all right, "best that YOU have ever played.

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01.31.2012 , 06:32 PM | #1092
Quote: Originally Posted by Drunkwolf View Post
Best one i ever played was Asherons Call.

It had a dynamic engine that allowed players to dodge incomeing magic and missle attacks from players and mobs. and im not talking a system like Darkfall were you have to aim the game aimed your attacks for you kind of like a aimbot in a shooter but the projectiles wernt instant you could see them coming and move out of the way it actually took skill.

also it had NO CC, so a skilled player could fight and win against multiple enemys, just because you were fighting 2 guys didnt mean you lost because you stand there stuned or rooted for ever, they still had to actually hit you so it gave you a chance.

plus it was a skill based game with no classes, you could be a fire ball throwing sword guy with cooking trained if you wanted, you earned XP by killing stuff but you also earned what was called unasigned XP that you saved up and spent on what skill YOU want to level up.

the pvp server was savage, there was not a single place on the entire map that was safe from pvp. when you went out hunting there was pvp, when you were in town selling there was pvp. there was huge epic wars over dungeons that guilds tried to control to level up, there was huge epic wars over towns that guilds tried to hold to sell items and call home.

YOU WERE NEVER SAFE it was real pvp.
+1 for AC. Darktide 4 ever!

It just seems like after AC MMO creators just got lazy. They created "cookie cutter classes" and even did the same thing with armor, weapons, etc. In AC, all the loot was completely random with random stats. NO two people looked like. NO two people had exactly the same stats. NO two people had the same armor/weapons.

There was actually a point to PVP, and there was risk too! You actually dropped a few pieces of your gear when you died, so there was incentive to win a PVP fight. The worlds were also much less linear and completely open world.

AC was a fanfrickentastic MMO. Too bad it didn't do well with age. But yeah, AC was legit.

Yes, this game, like many recent MMO's have a lot of features AC did not, but those same MMOs could take a lesson from AC. People don't want cookie cutter, people don't want to look the same as everyone else (Battlemaster, Rakata anyone??)
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01.31.2012 , 07:50 PM | #1093
Darktide was without a doubt the best PVP.

Win and get their stuff. Lose and lose your stuff.

It was terrifying to have your best gear and maybe lose it. These other games had nothing on that intensity.

Sorry, but DAOC was lame.

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01.31.2012 , 11:46 PM | #1094
I want another game like Shadowbane with their rule set but... with wasd movment, and no stacking. I love the hardcore pvp and being able to make your charcter wear or do anything. Reason I loved SWG that and Bothan CH/CM was so much fun.

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02.01.2012 , 06:36 AM | #1095
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