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Should they buff Madness?

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09.19.2018 , 03:53 AM | #11
I think there are very few people working on the game now who were even around for the heyday of OP sorcerers, and besides that was years ago. I can't comment on whether or not Madness actually needs buffing and how, though, since its been almost as long since I last experimented with that spec.
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09.19.2018 , 06:22 AM | #12
Adjust the passive which reduces channel time and increases tick rate of force lightning so it occurs over 1.5s instead of 2; slightly nerf FL damage and redistribute it to lightning strike (so that a wrath procced lightning strike is still favorable over a new 1.5s FL cast).
This brings sustained up but not too much.
This doesn't break the spec in PvP as the main change is on a stationary ability which is single target only and does not create extreme pressure since we're not buffing the dots.
This stops you from having to use a floating FL clip in the current PvE rotation which honestly is pretty bad spec design.
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09.20.2018 , 06:15 AM | #13
Wish they would scrap madness and give us a Dooku styled consular. The Makashi styled duelist who also can throw bolts of lighting while he's at it. But ces la vie, never to be.
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10.07.2018 , 12:43 PM | #14
There wasn't any 3.0 Madness madness. I played Sorc there

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10.13.2018 , 05:04 AM | #15
Simple answer: yes,
sorc is the worst dps class overall right now if you count both of their specs together and compare them with other dps specs. For the smart people out there saying look arsenal merc and marksman sniper are even below them in parses, yes that is true but both of these classes have high 2nd specs that do way more dps than any sorc could ever dream of referring to IO and virulence for example.
In short sorcs aren't necessarily weak right now, you can still do nim with sorc dps, it is just that other classes are simply better at pretty much everything.
Sorc brings a really small amount of utility to the raid that only a dps can bring, most of the time the group will have a sorc healer anyways and he brings the same utility like the dps so having a sorc dps when you have a sorc healer is pointless he can't do anything special and he does lower dps than everyone else so why bother and not just bring a fotm class like pt or marauder who bring excelent raid benefits like predation/raidbuff the ablity to off taunt a grab for orbs on brontes, or rebounders for tfb, even an armour debuff. Yes both sorc specs don't even have an armour debuff... why just at least make them useful for something.
Anyways im starting to ramble the whole point im trying to give is that yes sorcs need a buff but not because they are underpowered for the current content, but just because they get outperformed by other classes on the current content.

I hope this brought some enlightenment to some people that are just raging and are crying about how it's not possible to do nim as a sorc dps even tho it is, you just won't get taken unless you're really good so there are 2 options for you either reroll to a fotm class or become good on the class you love and show people that it's still possible to play it in harder content.
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10.18.2018 , 11:11 AM | #16
No, you should switch to heals

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10.25.2018 , 11:59 AM | #17
It's just the meta right now. Madness had its fun in the sun when the meta was I/E damage. DoT damage had a time when it was absurdly OP. If they need to buff anything, they need to look at total damage output vs healing output. It's absurd that heals can out heal 2 dps. I've seen mercs/commandoes heal for over 45k in a single heal. I've seen sorcs/sages heal for 9k HPS in WZs (regs). They need to nerf all healing, imo.

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