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Consolidated Vanguard class issues

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Consolidated Vanguard class issues

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02.16.2012 , 01:00 PM | #151
Quote: Originally Posted by va_wanderer View Post
I'm still concerned that this would basically give us cheap, 30m HIB spam. It's nasty enough in PvP to see the usual Assault burst of AP -> IR -> HIB, but if ER is effective and generates HIB, you'd now see people dumping (a considerably more effective now) ER afterwards and hopefully getting an immediate follow-up HIB to join the fun. As it stands, we can only pull that off at 10m or less with Ion Pulse.
Stockstrike and Ion Pulse in Ionic Accelerator is the only thing in our AC preventing us from achieving a truly ranged DPS build.

Like I said, it would have to be play-tested but I don't think a 30% chance for ER to proc the reset on HIB's CD is too much to ask for especially considering Commando's Ionic Accelerator uses Full Auto and Charged Bolts.

If it's really an issue of spammability then just keep ER's ammo cost at 3. And as I said before, ER is weapon damage so it's affected by all defensive modifiers. It can be parried, dodged, shielded, and then mitigated by armor.

Ion Pulse bypasses all of those things, uses 1 less ammo, and the tradeoff is the 20m range between them.

In the end I feel that shakes out to be a pretty even swap and it would be good for the AC, IMO, since people's biggest criticism is that this is really melee class and Bioware lied to all of us for two years about it.
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02.16.2012 , 10:42 PM | #152
Agree on all points. 90% of the stuff you mention should have been fixed before launch.

Tactics tree is largely a joke. 7% is especially laughable... Not to mention that first few skills in tactics tree are tanking skills rofl...

The tanking tree does not have anything special except charge and tons of passively (not)working skills...

The appearance and story of the class is great. But the skill trees and combat mechanics, not to mention animations are poorly implemented. More like an afterthought.

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02.17.2012 , 09:23 AM | #153
WOW! very nice post I could'nt of said it better. I have been very patient with Bioware since release. I have played Vanguard since early beta and they had the skill tree just about right unitl almost release then SCREWED IT ALL TO HELL!

Here are my thoughts since I have played Vanguard since Early Beta.

1. Lack the ability to really lock down a target, Cryo Freeze 45 sec CD with the ability to spec 2 points into the tactics tree for a whopping 10 secs off. Really? what a joke whoever came up with this idea is stupid.

2. Nerol Jolt during beta gave the ablity to intrupt targets from a distance, they removed this and made it a debuff on a target attacking someone instead. 6 secs? do you think during PVP anyone even notices that? They just continue to beat on that target until it goes off then finishes off the target. Lower the dam CD on this ability and make it AE? for PVP?

No real incombat heal to compete against the other classes that all have it in some form or fashion. Oh wait! thats right we have Kolto recharge. Thats on the 5th tier of Tactics 7% of your health over 10 secs. Again a stupid ability considering recharge ammo is on a 2 min timer and the two that would benifit are in two seperate trees. So either get one or the other? Shorten Timer or 7% Health. Again not alot of though went into Vanguards Trees there is no real synergy.

3. Neural Surge, 5 targets? stunned for 2.5 secs (ability is broken and does not work all the time. During PVP by the time the ability goes off and you take two steps if it works the targets are free and you just get burned down. I suggest increase the duration of the stun and raise the timer somewhat. The animation delays the ability to fire, or lower the CD on this during PVP to be effective against other CC class.

Don't get me started on how broken Vanguards are compared to BH, Motar Volley is still broken takes to long to fire and is not 100% reliable. Suggest you take it off placement and make it so that when you have someone targeted it does the volley around that person. By the time it fires everyone is long out of the area and it does not do enough damage to make anyone even move during pvp.

Storm, boy Bioware whoever decieded to change the pre-beta animation to what is now is a horses butt. Looks stupid the animation takes to long to fire by the time you get to the target its gone during fast paced pvp. And TAKE IT OFF THE 5TH TIER and give it to us as a base ability. ***! you give every other class the ability anyways why are we different? Did you run out of ideas?

Explosive Surge, animation delay is horriable does not do enough dmg to even make it useful in PVP. To high of ammo cost, low dmg to players and the most annoying thing of all is 5 meters dmg area. Let's be serious for a min, 5 meters? really 5 meters? how about make it have the ability chance to say intrupt? or slow the target? 5 meters should be moved to 10 meters. During PVP no one is ever standing right ontop of one another in a nice little group for you to storm in and attempt to Explosive Surge them. However I have found it useful on Illum to knock the snow off my buddys feet or help keep the siths feet warm for them while I'm getting burned down.

You give us a CC break that when used you just get CC'd again? Resolve is stupid it's broke and you put a 8 secs of immunity way up in the tactics tree. This is on a 30 sec timer with only 8 secs? And don't say it boosts your speed because it does not even stack with sprint. God this is such a stupid ability. Only good for Huttball, sorry I'm not speccing into a ability to be able to run the ball into the inzone. Suggest you either let it stack with our base sprint ability or lower the cool down to 20 secs. So you pop it and your running just as fast as sprint when your not in combat! LOL

Not asking to be a power house tank, but how about you make us feel like a real tank. Tanks are suppose to be feared, like oh crap here comes the tank focus fire him he's going to be a problem. In this game, it's look here comes the a guy dressed in scary looking Heavy Armor but just ignore him and go for the healers. I could go on but I'll stop there just a few complaints. Bioware has not even acknowledge that Vanguards need some love for PVP and continue to buff or nerf other classes ever patch. And I won't mention how I.A backstab stacks doing more then 30% of armor penitration.

You leave Vanguards broken at least playing a BH I would have cool animations and not be broken or incomplete. Or at least tell us even if you lie that were looking into Vanguards and are working toward fixing them.

Just my thoughts, won't lose sleep if you troll so go ahead.

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02.17.2012 , 09:59 AM | #154
All of the bugs listed aren't really game breaking.

I would rather them fix more pressing issues.

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02.20.2012 , 10:20 AM | #155
No, there's nothing "gamebreaking" about the Vanguard. It's a solid class and very playable. However, there is definitely some work to be done to get this class to Bioware-quality polish. And a lot of the issues raised here affect other classes as well (i.e. mitigation in PVP). It doesn't hurt anything to make sure the devs have some community feedback; what they do with it is up to them, and what we do about their inattention is up to us.