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What did you do to the Tier 4 Command Crate RNG??

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What did you do to the Tier 4 Command Crate RNG??
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07.18.2017 , 05:22 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by ThadiusMoor View Post
Here is what I got altogether, up to today: (248's only, I've gotten far too many 244/246 items to list)

6 Mainhands
3 Offhands
2 Helmets
2 Chests
2 Gloves
1 Belt
1 Leggings
1 Bracers
2 Alacracy Ear Pieces
1 Crit Ear Piece
1 Crit Implant
2 Use Effect: Power Relic
2 Use Effect: Alacracy Relic
1 Chance % Trigger Crit Relic
I'd say I have opened close to as many Tier 4 crates as you have, and have not gotten even half the gear you have. You must be praying to RNGesus every night....

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07.18.2017 , 09:31 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by Chelz View Post

I understand that the HM/Nim raider's want exclusive rights to 248 gear drops because we are the ones who both need the gear and do the hardest PvE content. After all, you do not need 248's to sit in your SH and craft right? I do share your frustration believe me. It drives me crazy as well seeing someone standing on fleet in full 248's that can't even gear themselves correctly and after looking at their achievements you realize they have not done one single op to deserve the gear they have, meanwhile we are busting our tails in HM/NIM ops for the junk token drops they left us with. I agree with most of what you said, and for the most part, being a raider myself, liked the way the old way of gearing was.

The 5.0 Beta team, I also being one, told the devs the new RnG system would not work and they would lose subs if they rolled it out the way it was but they did not listen and those premonitions came true sadly. They made it the PRIMARY way to get gear in this game. Raiding and PvP are now the secondary ways to get gear along with everything else. Which obviously is taken some time to get use to. It is a tough pill to swallow isn't it? let me repeat that, because I think you missed the concept not only in this thread but in others as well. RnG Is the primary way to get gear since 5.0 hit. All other ways are secondary. That means yes, you can do anything in this game and have a chance to get a 248 drop. I understand you want to go back to having those exclusive rights to all higher end gear, sign me up as well please, but that is not happening and not what this person's post was about. It was about, and you can read it again if you wish, the drop rates of 248's which are stupid low, almost impossible. No amount of wishing on your part is going to change that my friend. Believe me though, I understand your gripe.

I do nothing but raid. I do the higher PvE content and the drop rates and terrible for me as well. Your argument is if you want this gear, do the harder content correct? I am, and the drop rates still suck. In the old system I would be full 248's in the 100's of ops I have run in the last few months, I am not even close in this system.

RnG is here to stay for the immediate future and they need to fix the drop rates for all of us. Because he is right, it is neither reasonable nor fair.
Ya know what, whatever my thoughts on the matter may be, that's all they really are, my thoughts, my perspective, how I see it. I don't fault you or anyone else if you take a different view, if my post came across as such, than I apologize. There is no wrong or right to this.

I'm not a big fan of the 248's from heaven, but, you are right, it is part of the current system, whether I like it or not, that's how it is now.

I'm not sure I'd agree that the command crates are currently considered the "main source of gearing BIS", with the changes made in 5.1 and 5.2 they seemed to put a greater emphasis on gearing through Ops [ 242 gear, unless your among the 10% of the player base that are NiM worthy, but even in NiM 248 only drops on the last boss] and PVP [248 gear].

I can't lie and say that I think it's appropriate that people doing only heroics and using basic attack should get the best gear in the game, that seems to me to rather usual to most mmo's standards.

They did however say that when they introduced 248 gear that the Tier 1-3 legendaries would be seen in greater numbers but that the Tier 4 gear [BIS] would remain as rare as ever. I can't say I think that's inappropriate, I'd be lieing if I did. But, your post was compelling in it's own right, and I respect your positition on it.

I think this is one of those situations where people have to agree to disagree, while still respecting the other side's opinions on the matter.

I am without question colored by having been a progression raider, and that mentality clearly effects my take on it.
There are no wrong opinions, and this issue cannot be seen any other way than it being merely a question of opinion.

Regarding gear from Operations. I agree with you 100%, raiding is not a great way of getting BIS gear in this game. PVP has it on Raiders. They can do nothing but PVP and get full BIS gear doing only the content they want. Raiders have to do NiM Operations if they want BIS gear, and what, maybe 10% of the player base is NiM worthy? Hell, even I never completed all the NiMs. I never got DF and DP Nim end boss down. It's hard as hell, and the end boss is the only one dropping the BIS gear. I totally understand your frustration on that subject.

I got one 248 peice from Crates and had to get full BIS gear the hard way UCs and upgraded from some OP tokens , many were fully obtained from start to finish with UCs [got one 248 from a NiM, and only one from a NiM]. After I had already gotten full BIS, I got some copies, but at that point it didnt matter I already had earned in the hard way heh It's a pain in the ***, no doubt about it. I'm just of the notion that BIS gear should be hard to get, and it should take a long time to get full BIS gear. I don't think it's an unreasobable amount of time personally, but, that's because I remember how hard it was to get BIS gear before 4.0, so this doesn't see so bad compared to that heh.

That said, Crates with BIS gear or no crates with BIS gear, that's not science heh, that's the track the game went on and is still on since 5.0 and in that regard, I think perhaps your view may have greater claim than mine because mine is still stuck in the views held prior to 5.0 which to me seem more appropriate, if outdated. This is how the game is presently. Maybe that will change in 6.0, maybe it won't, but as long as BIS gear is dropping from heaven, play your game the way you want to play, whether joe, dick or larry like the system or not, it only matters what you think. Games to have fun, not to convince others their view is wrong. There is no wrong in this, only people's opinions.

More power to you and the others. Hope you get some nice drops from crates. =]

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07.19.2017 , 07:18 AM | #33
When it comes to RNGesus, I'm always on the outs. I've been stalked by the same implant from the crates since I started earning them. Gear drops? You mean that orange stuff? Yeah, forget it. The only way I've ever been able to gear up in a game is if there's a way to earn the method of payment. If it was up to anything with a RNG, I was out of luck. I've played the slots over a 1000 times not counting the double chips and haven't seen one prize that wasn't a gold certificate and even of those I only got around 20 in total. When I'm feeling lucky is when I lose the most but I never actually feel lucky when it comes to RNG. I hate it. I wish every game in existence would remove it because for the select few it either is too powerful or has no power at all.

I'd rather the crates dropped decorations since those I also never have drop. Because guess what? The packs are random too! I've gotten one good (considered good... not to me) out of the entire three. I'm surprised if the ones I buy don't fall out of my bag when I'm not looking. Best thing I've ever gotten out of the packs was the white/white dye and that was because I sold it for a nice amount. I've gotten the same pieces of cosmetic gear from the crates and now I think the same armsmech schematic has started. I finally had my third actual gear drop and it was a duplicate. My second. The crates have just become a possible source of credits and pushing me onward to 300. If its worse at 300 than now then holy crap, Batman!

Maybe I'm mistaken but there are other ways to gear but the OP isn't taking those, right? I'm fine if he gets something done (though at this point I've already started the alternate paths of gear). There's simply too much RNG in games. This one and every other one. RNG should be that surprise (the good kind) you get so that instead of it taking 150 pieces of whatever it will only be 140 or you get more credit than normal. It shouldn't be in the endgame in such a way as it is now. Can you imagine if EXP was based on RNG? Some of us would be maxxed level years ago while some are finally breaking through the 20s. Its not used there because they know full well what that would mean so I would be curious why gambling at any level has become such a mainstay of games.

Do away with it or help alleviate its destruction by giving players a way of selecting a specific type of drop. Say you're looking for gear then you pick gear and will get gear of some quality. Mounts, deco, etc. shouldn't be thrown into a bag and blessed by RNGesus. Get rid of it and let people earn things by doing stuff and being rewarded for the doing not the good or bad luck. No one plays chess only to have the outcome determined by a pair of dice.

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07.19.2017 , 07:28 AM | #34
Quote: Originally Posted by Severith View Post
The blue t4 244 gear is as good as purple t3. You get at least a blue out of every t4 crate. Not really seeing the issue.
There is an issue when the blue armoring will destroy the set bonuses. You cannot put a blue quality on top of a purple or gold armring and keep the bonus. The blue will destroy the bonus which can be the problem. The blue may be okay for your weapon but not for your armor if you have set pieces.
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07.19.2017 , 07:30 AM | #35
No, it won't. Adding blue over purple or gold will remove previous bonus, not the new one.

Blue 244 is not the same as T3. Blue is not optimized, thus has more endurance over power. Only Armorings are the same.
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07.19.2017 , 08:21 AM | #36
244 armorings/hilts are better than 242's due to how Armor/Damage is calculated (it uses rating), and they're also cheaper to repair.

244 mods are worse than 242's for DPS classes, but better for Tank classes.

244 enhancements are the same as 242's, but cheaper to repair.

So really, the ONLY instance in which 244 is worse than 242 is in DPS mods (and relics).

SentinelThain's Avatar

07.19.2017 , 10:47 AM | #37
30 ish crates opened,no 248 drops.Plenty of blue implants tho.
Gonna go sacrifice a goat,chicken,2 goldfish and maybe a hamster to the rng gods,see if it helps.
I was joking btw,maybe.

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07.19.2017 , 12:13 PM | #38
Quote: Originally Posted by ThadiusMoor View Post
I really agree with your statement.

NiM ops should be the ONLY source of BiS gear.

What they should do now is introduce tier 5 gear, and make the ONLY source of it be NiM ops.

Tier 5 - 256 ilvl Legendary Gear (max stats for full set = +15% above that of 248 full gear set)

That would make everyone happy, and return the exclusivity and presitge to being someone who clears NiM ops. Having a full set of 256 ilvl gear would be the symbol of excellence that can ONLY come from the hardest content.
I'd be totally fine with that...if and only if we get PvP gear back. Like it or not, the removal of expertise (PvP gear) is the reason why raiders don't get BiS gear anymore. It's also the reason why PvP gearing is now so grindy.

Speaking of a new gear tier, anybody else getting the feeling that this double CXP event is a precursor to a new tier coming out fairly soon? I'm thinking maybe August or September. Tier 5 (254) and Galactic Command cap raised to 400? I'm not happy about it - don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger.
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07.19.2017 , 02:48 PM | #39
Quote: Originally Posted by Eli_Porter View Post
244 armorings/hilts are better than 242's due to how Armor/Damage is calculated (it uses rating), and they're also cheaper to repair.

244 mods are worse than 242's for DPS classes, but better for Tank classes.

244 enhancements are the same as 242's, but cheaper to repair.

So really, the ONLY instance in which 244 is worse than 242 is in DPS mods (and relics).
You missed some. The 244 implants and ears are also worse than the 242 implants/ears. Also those mods impact Healers, not just DPS. The one group, tanks, it may be better for (depends on your strategy, as health isn't always the best route), is by far the least played role in the game.

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07.19.2017 , 04:02 PM | #40
50 crates done,not 1 piece of 248 anything.
Absolute joke.
And no it's not funny.