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Crafting vs Selling Materials

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Crafting vs Selling Materials

ConfusedPORO's Avatar

05.11.2020 , 11:25 AM | #1
Quick Question as a somewhat new player looking to build some wealth:

Is it more profitable to craft things like lvl 11 attachments and selling those, or selling the materials outright?

I have no interest in crafting super high-end stuff, so i'm wondering what is more efficient...

LD_Little_Dragon's Avatar

05.11.2020 , 01:57 PM | #2
Depends on how much time you want to spend as well. Selling the top-tier items means monitoring the gtn a lot, spending an absurd amount of time just crafting the assembly components, and you'll also need multiple alts to get all the mats.

I suggest just selling the mats. It's a lot less complicated.
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