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Sin/Shadow 6.0 Changes

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11.01.2019 , 07:53 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Xhuuyaa View Post
I dont get it. One of the main skills for sin tanks... nerfed from 60% to 0% ... because of reasons? Its devastating.
I'm not actually talking about that. The nerfed our overall dps which hurts pvp. They did not give us any tank sets worth anything and on top of that because tank stats are so horrid in pvp you have to stack dps so your no longer a tank. So the most shadow tanks could do to be viable is something like 30/40 shield/absorb and then go full-on power/crit. We have no real self heal on OS situations. The only OS one we have is 6 seconds long which is trash imo. Keep in mind our DCD is between 1-2mins long and even with stacking alcty we at most could only drop them by 8 seconds. They just arnt grate in pvp right now.
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