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Lf [guild]

Krestis's Avatar

01.21.2013 , 12:43 AM | #1
Hello, my name is Matthew, I've recently transferred over to SWTOR from WOW, so I know my way around MMO's. Being new to SWTOR also brings that I know no one on this game. That is why I am looking for a guild that plays causal but also has a competitive side with them too. Basically I'm just trying to find some people that I could game with. If you're a guild leader or just a guild member please hit me up because I would like to join. Although I am only level 25 right now I could classify myself as above average in this game. So if you are interested in recruiting me, reply with a post, personally message me on this website, add me on Skype, or talk to me on my character.
All my info can be seen below.
Server: The Bastion
Name: Zugusta
Skype: TheDelusiveDeluxe
Thank you for you time BYE
Currently looking for a guild
Skype: TheDelusiveDeluxe

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01.29.2013 , 09:54 AM | #2
Which side is your main on? If Empire, my guild is recruiting. There are good guilds on the Republic side too, I have alts there.
Proud officer of <Dark Aftermath>,The Bastion
Now open recruiting! /whisper me!
Yseult, Medic Operative
Alts- (empire) Otsana, Aluel; (republic) Raefn