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[Guide] Companion Optimization, Gearing and Tips

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[Guide] Companion Optimization, Gearing and Tips

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05.29.2019 , 01:39 AM | #151
Hey Kev, have you had any luck fully maximizing presence? I've just been looking into it and it seems like most of the boosts are straightforward to obtain, but a few are not.
  • Influence level 50 (+2500)
  • Human level 50 (+100)
  • Companion conversations (+400)
  • Datacrons (+63)
  • Chilled Corellian Cocktail (+84)
  • Advanced Anodyne Command Stim (+233)
  • Antiviral Kit MK-3 x 2 (+140)
  • Advanced Command Augment 28 x 14 (+448)
  • Old presence gear (+???)

The last one is very unclear. Craftable presence gear seems to have existed before, but I couldn't find records of any specific items so I have no idea what the max is from that.

There is also this claim from the 4.0 Patch Notes:

Players will now achieve Legendary Status if they complete every class story in the game. You can track your Legendary Status progress at Character Select where a new GUI element is found. In game, players who have achieved Legendary Status will have a new icon next to their name on their nameplate. Gaining Legendary Status will also grant the player a significant amount of Presence to their companions.
I'm not sure if this ever actually happened, and how much presence is given.

Looking at my character right now, I have 765 base presence and 473 bonus. The bonus checks out: 310 from conversations (missing 9 of them), 100 from Human, and 63 from datacrons. I'm not sure how the base presence is calculated.

Are there any other presence sources I forgot?

EDIT: Doing some slightly dodgy calculations based on this:
According to the gear calculator, with the highest level craftable Commander prefix items (+Power, +Presence), rank 28 Command augments, and with all datacrons and legacy buffs, the max achievable would be 2,076 before stim
Base level 55 Presence: 360
Augments: 448
Datacrons: 58
Legacy buffs: 500

360+448+58+500=1366. 2076-1366 = 710. I'm not sure if there are relics other than the Rakghoul ones that were included in that.

I also went searching for presence items on the GTN on every server (set stat to Presence, keywords "general", "leadership" and "commander"). I found these. Seems that some slots can give more presence than others. I don't know what the highest level of this kind of gear is.

EDIT 2: I was convinced the DvL XP gear had presence stats, and it does. 48 Presence in the armorings for 3 of the items. This is higher than I've seen in any craftable presence gear but there may be some higher tier gear I haven't seen.

But if it turns out the max presence is obtainable by having done the DvL event on multiple servers (so you get more presence armorings), I think I will give up with this.

Another edit: The DvL armorings are slot-bound, so having multiple sets would be of no benefit.

Through a credit selling site of all places (and a guild site), I was able to find a few high level items:
  • Leadership Experimental Skill Package (62 Presence, 114 Endurance, 94 Mastery, 160 Crit)
  • Leadership Experimental Might Package (62 Presence, 114 Endurance, 94 Mastery, 114 Crit, 46 Accuracy)
  • Leadership Experimental Awareness Motivator (62 Presence, 105 Endurance, 105 Mastery, 157 Crit)
  • Commander's Advanced Supercharged Rejuvenation Relay (62 Presence, 105 Endurance, 105 Mastery, 111 Power, 46 Alacrity)

So, is 62 presence the max? These items require level 54 and there is evidence to suggest the Presence gear was scrapped for 3.0. I still haven't found the name or stats of any level 54 armor.
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06.24.2019 , 09:14 PM | #152
So I just won the new Rodian companion from the casino, and had a look at his abilities to see if he had any unique ones (as a few companions still have unique abilities, like Paxton Rall). While he doesn't, I did notice one irregularity.

In tank mode, his gap closer (called Jet Charge or Powered Charge or something, I forget exactly) says that it heals him for damage done. Every other comp's gap closer in tank mode heals for 25% of damage done.

Is this a typo in the tooltip, or does the Rodian actually have a more powerful gap closer as a tank?

Thought you'd be the person to ask
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