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Scaling Tech in Group Content Feedback

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Scaling Tech in Group Content Feedback
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09.02.2019 , 06:47 AM | #121
MM Hammer station feels about right. It seems to be close to what we have on live servers now.

Veteran Hammer is basically a story mode. I guess itíll be good for solo players who want to see story in FPs that donít have a proper story mode but it wasnít fun for me to run it with a group. Bosses and trash were dying before I could even go from opener to rotation as a dps. Tanks and healers are not supposed to be there at all it seems, thereís nothing to heal, and dps players tank just fine.

It concerns me that Vet FPs and ops (based on other posters' feedback, I didn't have a chance to check it yet) seem to be easier than we got used to because of scaling tech. We can sleepwalk through story missions now, can we at least have some challenge in PvE group content?

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10.03.2019 , 04:18 PM | #122
Quote: Originally Posted by Pizza_boy View Post
However, I do understand your reasoning behind this scaling tech. Therefore, as a compromise, maybe the scaling tech could be applied to SM/HM, leaving the NIMs (+ TOS and Ravagers maybe?) scaled to level 75, in order to keep the truly difficult content difficult, yet still making most of the scaling easier for you guys as expansions keep coming on.
I like the idea of scaling all the nim operations to lvl 75, as well as hm rav/tos. maybe all of gods should be lvl 75.