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What's the best character to farm heroics solo?

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What's the best character to farm heroics solo?

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06.15.2019 , 07:22 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by ShieldProtection View Post
Whats the best class to farm heroics solo
One other point, but a very important one.

The best class is the one that offers the best compromise in terms of:
* Speed to complete missions
* Ease of use in fights
* Player's ability to tolerate using the class.

Do not underestimate the significance of the last point. If you hate Class X, but it is the fastest and easiest to use, you will not be able to sustain H2 farming on it in the way that you could sustain it on Class Y that's slower and harder.

*We*, the audience out here in the Internet, can help you with the first two points, but not the third.
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06.15.2019 , 12:04 PM | #12
Stealth class,if u wanna skip alot of trash.
Gunslinger for trash kills,because you just put down aoe and spam that ****.

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06.15.2019 , 02:35 PM | #13
How To:

1) One person touched on CC immunity. You can do even better than that. The key is getting familiar with which heroics have mobs whose entire existence revolves around psychological warfare with CC. Then what you do is you send your companion in first on those groups of mobs, to attack the one who loves psychological warfare. Companion will eat the CC while you take down the other mobs in the group. Then you can circle back and kill the last one with a fiery vengeance built up over the millennia of having your character stunned and thrown around.

Tedious, yes, but less of a psychological strain in the long-term than having your dance of buttons being regularly interrupted by the sounds of hammers going into wood and chainsaws buzzing over the beautiful musical chords of your priority system and/or rotation.

2) The next step is to play with your companion on DPS. Not only will stuff die faster, but you will feel pressured to figure out how to kill stuff faster, speeding up your runs in the long-term. You may be wondering... but what about stopping in-between fights to heal up? Yes, you'll have to do this sometimes, but you'll get a sense of how well you can survive on the health you have after a while. You'll get used to popping defensive cooldowns to mitigate damage, so you have less to heal up in-between.

You can also save time on the brunt of damage your companion took by dismissing and then resummoning (don't forget to re-apply class buffs).

3) Finally, who is the fastest gun in the west? Who will get you through the best? Some of it depends on the heroic. The Jedi supplies heroic (I forget the name) on Nar Shadaa is easy to just AoE groups down with on a Gunslinger/Sniper. But for most others, single-target is better because some of the mobs are melee and vary in health, so if you try to AoE, they're going to move out of it to come after you and if you run in close to AoE, you're going to get CC'd, destroying the point of the edge your ranged class has with AoE.

With that in mind, I recommend Carnage Marauder more than any other. I've played them all and Carnage has a strong combination of burst and just *feeling* psychologically faster because of the boost in alacrity if you play it right; it's also very squishy which will push you to figure out how to end fights quickly. Marksman is also a good choice if you take advantage of its single-target burst properly. Merc is a good one too, as you can skip sending your companion in with some mobs and just burst the CC psychological warfare mob in the group down before he gets to you, kiting him to the ends of the earth with all the tenacity of the buildup of generations of human beings who have come this far to have their actions interrupted by a computer program. And Juggernaut is a good choice for the "press this ability and get your health back if stuff attacks you" cooldown, which can cut down a bit on how many times you need to heal up in-between fights.

The only one I can think of that I actively don't recommend is Sorcerer because the AoE isn't strong or bursty enough to handle groups of most heroic mobs before you start taking lots of damage and the single-target (DoT or otherwise) is just kind of tedious, whether it's setting up the DoTs and waiting for them to do their full damage (sometimes as a total failure cause the group is too spread out to spread them to everyone with death field) or trying to single-target cast and dealing with pushback. Sorcerer DoT spec is a nice, relaxing distraction from a more involved rotation if you're bored and tired, but that's about it.

4) P.S. Don't forget Heroic Moment. Especially if you have all the different abilities from doing the different classes. I don't use it often because its cooldown is so long I forget about it the majority of the time, but I always use it on some fights for the extra boost. Most notably, Sindal Reed in the spice crates heroic on impside tatooine. That spice-crate-guarding HP sponge is downright hard to kill with a DPS companion otherwise due to how long it takes to kill him before he can kill you.
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06.15.2019 , 02:46 PM | #14
I do very well with a telekinetic sage. It has great AoE for trash that literally melts them while the weak ones are stunned in place by it and the procs on the main abilities are frequent enough that double hits happen often. Same applies to the Sith Sorcerer. Equally fun (for me) and able to clear a decent path is the smuggler gunslinger / agent marks.

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