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What are people's thoughts on Phase Walk nowadays?

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What are people's thoughts on Phase Walk nowadays?

Seterade's Avatar

02.06.2019 , 05:35 PM | #11
bud, considering most of the classes have well out grown all of the current maps, I think a sorc PWing on the huttballl really is the least of anyones concern. that ball with pred or oper roll gets to the goaline in 10 seconds. or how about a good ole sorc PW/pull. seriously bud "PW" breaking objectives is like low on the totem pole in current swtor pvp. at least the new acid traps in valdin kill con ops

WayOfTheWarriorx's Avatar

02.06.2019 , 06:51 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Wimbleton View Post
I really enjoy the ability. Not tons of fun abilities out there, plenty of necessary ones, but this one happens to be really fun. I don't see it being OP but if it were to need a balance, I'd do it via cooldown.
While I never play a sorc, it does look like it could be a really fun ability to use, plus that it is rather unique in it's application that adds something to it.

I have absolutely no problem with Sorcs having it. They should. I have no objection to it in it's common form.
Sorcs need it, and its very appropriated to the archetype [Sorcery].

I do however understand why some Assassin players would be a bit resentful for Sorcs keeping it, but, I don't think it's wrong for sorcs to have it. It seems a very appropriate ability for them to have. I don't think it should be removed or nerfed.

Freshiefromafar's Avatar

02.12.2019 , 04:45 PM | #13
I never use it. Not even once.