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What happens to guilds when swtor dies ?

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What happens to guilds when swtor dies ?


12.13.2016 , 03:37 AM | #1
What do you think will happen to all the guilds and there websites when swtor dies

jump to a new game or just stay dead

what do you think ?
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12.13.2016 , 03:48 AM | #2
Well strong guilds jump to a new game, I already know a few guilds that went to WoW and others, but for large guilds that dont really have a really tight core of players will simply go dead.

Its not always about the game, but about the group of friends. In most cases it doesnt really matter what you play as long its with friends. However, swtor has been the favorite of many.

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12.13.2016 , 12:49 PM | #3
The larger more established guilds such as <Remnants of hope> will move on to other games. I think <remnants of hope> has been around longer then swtor. Other guilds will just disappear, some of the smaller ones that consist of closely knit friends will stay in communication with each other and move on to other games as well. If I ever leave swtor or if swtor ever shuts down I will stay in contact with the few guildmates that ive been playing with since I started playing. In fact we already talk outside of the game through the means of skype and discord. If we ever want to play something else we will just talk about it in one of those places.
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12.15.2016 , 02:28 PM | #4
Some guilds, regardless of size, will move to different games and either thrive or flounder.
My guild has factions in ESO, Blade and Soul, Marvel Heroes, WoW and SWTOR.
The BnS branch pretty much folded up and came back to SWTOR, same with all but 4 from the WoW and MH branches. We have a decent amount playing ESO and there are only a couple of us splitting time between ESO and SWTOR.
I'm the only guild Officer playing both currently but I'm going to be dropping one of the 2 at the end of January. Most likely to be SWTOR.
My guild will continue on, there are enough of us that get along really well and really enjoy gaming with each other that I don't foresee the guild folding at this point.
We are growing our ESO faction and working on becoming an endgame PvE guild. We have alliances with 2 VERY BIG trade guilds in ESO and are poised to start expanding in ESO.

Now I don't think SWTOR will die anytime soon. At least not before the next big Star Wars, non FPS, PvP focused game comes out. However I also don't foresee things getting better or the player base expanding. BW is transitioning SWTOR into something different than the MMORPG that it was published as and they are TRYING to be subtle about it. The problem is that a large portion of their fans and former fans already sense the disturbance in the force and have either left or have 1 foot out the door. They may not have the population they need to keep the game afloat financially by the time this transition is over.
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