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Darkness Assassin or Immortal Juggernaut. questions for both.

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Darkness Assassin or Immortal Juggernaut. questions for both.

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01.27.2018 , 11:19 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Equeliber View Post
I wonder where you got that from because Assassin is by far the best tank by potential mitigation.
In terms of actual dtps last time I read any rankings shadow and guardian were within like 2%.

Sin in practice will generally take less because they have the ability to cheese mechanics. This is not something you can account for in dtps, and why it's only minimally useful as a metric. In this game, in my experience, you don't die to dtps. You did to spikes. That is why guardian and shadow are better than VG. Guardian can mitigate damage with a DCD or hit enure as a bounce back measure. Sins can avoid many all together, and can similarly mitigate or heal off some others. It's VG who got the short end of the stick in DCDs.

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02.07.2019 , 02:51 AM | #12
Ughhhh, this thread is typical tank talk. I plaid SWTOR for half a year when it got released back then, and I just returned after a almost 8 years. These discussion never change - Yes, the other tank can do more, BUT I have a higher health pool and I can protect better. The comment of the guy, who refers to theorycrafters and ladder numbers in his comment, is pointless! The question is more the play style a player prefers.
- "I am a tank, I can protect and save you all" ... my impression, when I play Jugg - simple, sluggish, for slow thinkers
- "No mater what, at the end I will prevail" ... that's the assassin for me - it's fun to play, if you can micro manage all abilities FAST!
- "Let's get the job done and move on" ... the shield tech - nothing flashy, nothing shiny, but it get's the job done no matter what - I prefer this one as general purpose tank for daily tasks

For me the numbers of theorycrafters and ladder players are nice, but the play style has to suite me to be an effective tank - that's all. I say play the three classes, experience them and make your pick.

In terms of OP's or FP's I'm certain every encounter can be done with every tank. It might be, that a healer CD is required to survive a damage spike, although team work is the core idea behind raiding. Managing an encounter and grouping up the mobs so they can AoE'd down easily, is more important for me then a large health pool and a CD to mitigate a damage spike from time to time. I rather prevent damage by interrupting or stunning then soaking up damage like a sponge with a large health pool.

There might be as many opinions as players when it comes to the question "What tanking class is best". A class/tank must be plaid for a while to figure out the likes/dislikes for the particular class/tank. Statements of others can be consider when evaluating a class/tank. At the end the player, and the player ALONE is responsible for his choice, regardless what numbers and recommendation others made!