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Returning Player - Class choice

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Returning Player - Class choice

BlackDragon's Avatar

12.22.2018 , 04:05 PM | #1
Hi all just a quick question!

Been playing on and off for an age but now want to settle down with a class to play.
Stuck between Jug and Mara.

just wondering what are your thoughts on the 2 (be playing DPS)

Thanks in Advance!

MikeFL's Avatar

12.24.2018 , 09:02 AM | #2
Hey there, welcome back to the game!

As you know, one of the biggest differences off the bat is whether you have one or two lightsabers. I have both a Juggernaut and Marauder (and Guardian and Sentinel), so I hope this will help. Both classes are very fun and can push out great melee-range damage. Both have excellent mobility and can use their force leaps to zoom around the battlefield. For what its worth, I prefer Guardian/Juggernaut to Sentinel/Marauder, but you can't go wrong with either.

The biggest difference, to me, is the flow of combat. Sentinels/Marauders need to get comfortable with the "danger zone". They are berserkers who put out tons of damage but need to keep up a constant flow of battle to use their self heals, mitigation skills, and damage bonuses. As a pure damage class, they have extra skills like a dual saber throw that Guardians/Juggernauts don't have, and have some better AOE options. Guardians/Juggernauts have a similar feel, but they seem to have more defensive options and slightly less "berserker" damage abilities. They make up for this though by having very high single target damage, and the ability to respec as a tank if you are interested in that.

TL;DR: Both are excellent melee damage classes. If you are ever interested in playing as a tank, go Guard/Jugg. If you are solely focused on damage, go Sent/Mara. Aesthetically, if you prefer having one saber or having two sabers, go with whichever class gives you that aesthetic.
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Lhancelot's Avatar

01.06.2019 , 07:57 PM | #3
Pick mara. Has tons of DCDs, can avoid a fight if need be, unlike jugg which is built to stay and take damage. People rail about how great jugg DCDs are and they are nice especially in regs but mara DCDs are really powerful too.

If you want to do DPS, there's nothing worse as a healer than having a marauder tunneling you. Speaking from a healer's perspective, btw. They do tons of damage too, of course.
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KendraP's Avatar

01.06.2019 , 08:07 PM | #4
@mikeFL are you serious? For aoe vigi is one of the best specs in the game.

Mara is probably slightly better for damage overall.

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01.07.2019 , 04:58 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by KendraP View Post
@mikeFL are you serious? For aoe vigi is one of the best specs in the game.

Mara is probably slightly better for damage overall.
Tbh Jugg is one of the worst classes, itís dps maybe be good but itís raid utility is sh*t and it has no constant aoe dr.
While mara brings pred, blood thirst (best raid buff in the game) and it has constant aoe dr.
Jugg also has just one dps spec option that is viable for most fights, which is a dot spec. So it being a dot spec puts it at a real disadvantage on fights that need burst. While mara on the other hand has two completely viable specs (a burst and a dot) spec making in supior in that way also.
Another thing Jugg is one of the worst classes for the two hardest checks in the game (brontes burn and hateful) while mara is great in both.
So is Jugg really better?
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rossonja's Avatar

01.24.2019 , 12:50 AM | #6
I love playing both. If I absolutely had to pick one, it would be my Mara. That's only because I have more hours played on him. I think Jugg feels more epic and is probably overall more useful for all content. You can always tank as a Jugg if you decide you wanna learn in the future.