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SIS Agent and Imperial Trooper Classes PLEASE ADD!!!

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SIS Agent and Imperial Trooper Classes PLEASE ADD!!!

Nythain's Avatar

08.07.2014 , 08:15 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Calabur View Post
... and Mandalorian's. ...Mandalorian's for Imp.
Me thinks you haven't played a Bounty Hunter's complete story?

But again... New classes aren't going to happen. Best we could hope for would be new advance classes, but adding a third AC for every class really goes against the nature of classes and advance classes anyways. As it stands, with the exception of 4 ACs (two on each side), every AC is designed to be able to perform as one of two of the three trinity roles. That's what makes them unique (for lack of a better word). It also adds a moderate amount of replay-ability. Creating a third AC for each class would mean creating a single role specific AC or adding an AC allowing for the third role, going against the entire design premise of ACs. Not that either of these options would be *bad*, just pointing out the likelihood of the developers implementing something that counteracts a system design they had worked to create and implement is pretty low.

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08.07.2014 , 10:32 AM | #12
[QUOTE=Nythain;7591781 Not that either of these options would be *bad*, just pointing out the likelihood of the developers implementing something that counteracts a system design they had worked to create and implement is pretty low.[/QUOTE]

Yea I know what you mean! I know that the likelihood of new classes are very low, but I think that if they do decide to make new one's (even if it is a low chance that they do) I would like to see those to races. Because the Echani and the Mandalorian's have a long history of rivalry with one another.

And no I haven't played completely through bounty hunter story, but I know the Mandalorian's now are a bunch of different races. I meant like a pureblooded Mandoalorian.

But I know where you are coming from. I was just spit-balling ideas!

SimmonScar's Avatar

11.06.2018 , 01:02 PM | #13
I too agree that they should add the Imp. Trooper & Rep. S.I.S Agent, and they can make the Bounty Hunters & Smugglers as Neutral classes like they are suppose to be working for either side or the ones who pays them. also I would add that I notice that the Jedi Vessel Defender is the only one of the class ships that don't have bunk beds in the crew quarters. it would be cool if in the next patch or two, they could fix that & have the Guild, Legacy cargo holds move to the lower decks storage/repair bay the wall mounted GTN can be palace in the main Ops. crew lounge or lower deck. it would be nice if they add to the legacy or account the unlocks for the field cargo holds, speeder training & a few others. it's a pain to grind on all my characters to get them those. have a good week.

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11.11.2018 , 08:04 PM | #14
Instead of new advanced classes, I’d settle for some new specs within the advanced classes. Maybe something that makes it a bit of a hybrid with the other advanced class.

Say a spec for scoundrels/operatives and vanguards/powertechs that focuses a bit more on range (say some 15m instead of 10m blaster attacks) while the gunslinger/sniper and commando/merc get a more mobility focused spec that allows some of their attacks to used without cover/rooting.

Similarly, the Shadow/assassin might get a more force-focused spec (i.e. 10m force attacks... a dps version of their tank spec would be close) while the sage/sorcerer gets a spec that gives them more to do with their lightsabers than use them as stat sticks.

Not 100% sure what to do with Guardians/Juggs and Sentinels/Marauders as they already half share specs already, but maybe something a bit more “sage-like” for both with some more telekinetic/lightning moves added to the rotation?

One advantage to new spec options would be that it’s something you could roll out in much smaller stages; one pair of advanced class specs at a time. By contrast a new advanced class would require rolling out three whole specs (six with mirroring) and new shared advanced class powers all at once... roughly four times the work per roll-out (meaning four times longer between roll outs).

New specs would also be something players could take advantage of without having to roll up a new character, making them just as useful for the players who main just a couple of characters and those who play lots of alts.

So that would be my suggestion; give each advanced class a new spec to choose from and roll them out one new spec at a time so it creates the sense of new content on a more regular basis.

irrevelant's Avatar

01.16.2019 , 06:41 AM | #15
The only problem is the class pairs. So far each class has a pair on the other side, and Imperial trooper, and SIS agent are not exactly in pair. So they would either need to add 2 more class, or pair these with existing ones making the whole stuff a bit too redundant. SIS agent with the Imp. agent, and Trooper with the other Trooper, but then who gets paired with the bounty hunter, and smuggler?

Option 1: Nobody. Imp trooper is same as Bounty Hunter, and SIS agent become same as smuggler. Easy option, but probably the worst style.

Option 2: They get paired with each other. Now this would be really weird. Taking away the sneak from SIS agent just doesn't feel right, and giving stealth to a trooper is kinda weird as well.

Option 3: New class pairs for each other. Like the Imperial trooper gets paired with. I don't know. Republic heavy? SIS Agent gets paired with Imperial good question how to call it class.

Option 4 (i would prefer this one): Imperial Trooper gets paired with Republic Trooper, and SIS agent get the Imp. Agent as pair. New class created for Imperials under the name. Imperial Privateer to be paired with smuggler. And Republic gets new class to be paired with the Bounty Hunter. Not sure how the "Republic bounty hunter" would be called. Also in order to create actual difference 2 classes at least would require drastic changes. I would go with the Bounty hunter, and Smuggler. Those who played Bounty Hunter, or Smuggler would get a class switcher token for 7 days. The token switch the class to the new one, and give option to reset class/main quest. If not reseted, then it would act similar to a boosted character for the class quest.

Option 5: Alter pairs like option 4, but instead of creating 2 new class Smuggler gets paired with Bounty Hunter. Both would get some rework for the pairing. It would actually make sense since both are "unofficial" members of their faction. Bounty hunter would get a less armored version which prefers sneaking around, and ambush the target, and smuggler would get a more armored version which prefers a more head-on approach.

irrevelant's Avatar

01.16.2019 , 07:00 AM | #16
Would be great though to have a "neutral faction". A faction where classes, that are neutral gets gathered, and they have the ability to join one or other side. Not through a massive super decision, but simply gaining reputation with it through quests. Might even stay balanced, and remain neutral, if you play your cards right. Class quests wouldn't demand to help either faction.

Smuggler. No explanation required. Get Paired with the agents
Bounty Hunter. No explanation required. Get Paired with the Troopers
Gladiator. Battle hardened former slave. Now working as a freelancer. Paired with Sith Marauder/Jedi Knight.
Fallen Jedi/Sith. The name is fallen force user, but the subclasses are fallen jedi/sith. Fallen Jedi paired with the Sorcerer, and Fallen Sith paired with the Assassin. Has minor affect on class story. "I'm just a guy who happens to know more about the force, than most." Fallen Sith is a sith lord who went too much to the light side, and decided to leave the empire, but don't want to join the jedi order, and spend months being brainwashed by them. The jedi is same, but fell to the dark side too much, and got tired of the Jedi order neglecting him because of that. However he still don't want to be a sith for personal reasons.

Shisurodo's Avatar

01.17.2019 , 12:02 AM | #17
I would absolutely love to see a SIS agent class & Imperial Trooper! Although, as sad as it is... knowing bioware it'll be to much work to make two new classes.
If you're feeling generous feel free to click this link, or if I've helped you in anyway.

irrevelant's Avatar

01.21.2019 , 03:44 AM | #18
Quote: Originally Posted by Shisurodo View Post
I would absolutely love to see a SIS agent class & Imperial Trooper! Although, as sad as it is... knowing bioware it'll be to much work to make two new classes.
And they not exactly pairs. They would need to maintain the pair system, and that complicates things. Best would have been, if they start the game with that style. Instead of Smuggler we could have SIS agent, and instead of Bounty Hunter we would had Imperial Trooper.

Smuggler could have been added later, and paired with Imperial Privateer. Bounty hunter is hard to pair, but might say Republic Mercenary.