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I made an Aurebesh/Basic font reader

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I made an Aurebesh/Basic font reader

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03.15.2020 , 09:33 AM | #1
Press hotkeys, drag a box, read a sign.
Using Screen Translator and I file I created you can easily read in game signage.

I was interested in learning to read the in game font and it started me down a rabbit hole..
I know others have learned the font and that all the in-game signage is either English or unintelligible.
Starting out with a character sheet I painstakingly read my first sign. Using my previous experience with Google Speech to Text I knew AI could help and I found Tesseract OCR.
I spent the better part of two days training and testing a data file using publicly available fonts.
Then I made an instruction sheet and a torrent.

edit: I tried using Tesseract 4 to improve it but it's not compatible with Screen Translator so I grabbed even more fonts and published 4 diff iterations of my progress. Try each file and see which works best for you. (probably v3 and v4 honestly)

Interested? Here's the torrent magnet. (don't worry nothing pirated or malicious here)
Let me know if you are having trouble I've never uploaded a torrent before
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