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[Chapter X] How to Defeat the Overwatch Hunters

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[Chapter X] How to Defeat the Overwatch Hunters

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01.17.2020 , 10:54 PM | #41
I had a similar issue to some other people in this thread - was having no issues doing veteran until these guys. I had to turn the difficulty down to story, then step outside the instance and reset it for the new difficulty to take effect. Was easy enough after that.
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01.23.2020 , 02:12 AM | #42
Pop heroic moment, avoid AOE and put your companion to heals.
If that doesn't work try changing the difficulty to story mode, or if you're hunting for achievements you could also invite a friend to do the quest with you (a group will deal with them like a warm knife cutting through butter).

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01.28.2020 , 07:27 PM | #43
Just killed these guys on Master mode. Took me 3 tries as a Darkness (tank) Assassin using Death Knell set and Two Cloaks Tactical.

First try I stunned (Mind Trapped) the left guy (as I usually do), got him to about 20%, killing adds etc, seemed to be going smooth. Stun wears off the other guy, and I got blasted in seconds by his AoE.
Second try I tried to take them both at the same time, but got killed pretty quick.
Third try I stunned the left guy again, and popped heroic moment. Used all single target spells to dps/stunlock the target. He died fairly quickly. Adds were manageable with Shock/Depredating volts (it stuns them plus they are weak, so die fast). Managed to kill him before the stun wore off. Second guy went down fast.

Key here is to manage your stuns/interrupts for their abilities, DPS fast, and avoid AOE damage if you have stunned one. I do Master modes on a mix of my Concealment Operative and Darkness Assassin. I suspect this fight would have been easier on my Operative because her DPS is much higher, and she has similar stuns.

This fight would probably be quite difficult on melee DPS who cannot stun. Probably slightly easier as ranged DPS.

As for the rest of the mission, it is quite long and tedious. I would recommend using an Assassin with Two Cloaks tactical so you can stealth through most of the encounters.
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07.04.2020 , 07:02 AM | #44
Had all the same issues on veteran. Near instant death repeatedly. Switched to Story and they died almost as fast as they'd been killing me. They must have patched something for Story difficulty.