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Stronghold PvE

Sivartius's Avatar

10.19.2020 , 09:28 AM | #1
I was thinking that it would be really cool if we could buy a switch that would turn an stronghold from a Safe Zone to an adventure instance. With Rishi they proved PvP could work. Enemies could be either existing NPCs, or they could sell or drop new "enemy" decorations. Players could create interesting dungeons, & it would give players more reason to visit different strongholds.

EHKodiak's Avatar

10.20.2020 , 07:56 AM | #2
It'd be abused if it dropped loot or gave exp, and there's no real point to it unless it dropped loot or gave exp. I guess you could have a dummy, but that already exists.

Sivartius's Avatar

10.20.2020 , 10:10 AM | #3
I don't really understand how abuse comes into it. You'd still have to fight the enemies in order to get anything. If you're just farming/grinding, you can just go to a planet & do it. Of course if someone IS concerned, they could just make it so that characters from the owner's legacy can't get exp or goods there.

xmarcusprimex's Avatar

10.22.2020 , 06:22 PM | #4
I would love this. A killable NPC spawner. I would LOVE to have a Rakghoul spawner in certain places in some strongholds.