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Conquest results in guild window are not reliable

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Conquest results in guild window are not reliable

jade_de_aguilera's Avatar

08.14.2019 , 11:48 PM | #1
Am the GM of <It's a Trap> on Darth Malgus.
I want to report an issue with the conquest results. We use the guild window conquest score to calculate conquest contribution and send guild rewards.
Last week me (legacy name Aguilera) and a player with legacy name Admira have not played or participated in conquest, but to our surprise on the conquest reset we had a lot of points, we guess from the last week we played (marked with red): image here

After the reset my points are still incorrect: image

Hope this post will be considered and the issue fixed.

Top 10 window - Previous leaders never worked. What will be the best help for a GM is a working TOP 10 list calculated by legacy name.
Thanks in advance.

OranJatar's Avatar

08.19.2019 , 06:48 AM | #2
Same problem here, "Sapphire Blades" on Darth Malgus. Conquest Points not shown correctly in Guild Window/Rooster