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[Synthweaving] Crafting

BradenRiedasch's Avatar

03.23.2020 , 12:04 PM | #1
How do you make Augmentation Slot Components? I want to make some augmentation kits.

Void_Singer's Avatar

03.23.2020 , 10:30 PM | #2
make basic green bonded attachments, then deconstruct them. you will receive 1 slot component for each deconstructed bonded attachment along with ~25% of the materials back

do not place those bonded components in materials storage before deconstructing them, nor buy them from the GTN. either will cause them to not to give slot components.

you can "fix" ones you've accidentally placed in materials storage, by removing them to your inventory, crafting some more of the same, so that they go on the same stack.
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