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< B A D A S S I T U D E > Sale runs thread

Siramicus's Avatar

02.17.2019 , 09:12 AM | #11
7 500 000 credits for 244 piece ? Really ?!

Restoman's Avatar

03.02.2019 , 06:02 PM | #12
Hello, everyone interested in NiM mounts/achievements please visit our website instead:
Creator of this thread isn't active and therefore cannot edit the prices.
Any gear can be claimed for free right now btw, but we don't do gearing-only runs.
Default sale run times are: Sunday early/late afternoon, Monday afternoon and evening (CET timezone).
Jaed - <B a d a s s i t u d e> officer
Darth Malgus server
NiM mounts and titles sale runs for credits: