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Ambient Machines -- Sound Change?

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Ambient Machines -- Sound Change?

Xina_LA's Avatar

06.11.2019 , 10:46 AM | #1
I just activated Ambient sound machines Casino and Party Chatter.
I swear they sound better, less muddy than they used to. Also, maybe louder?
Is anyone else noticing a difference?

When I go out of range of them, I don't hear them, which is good. But when I return, I still don't hear them, unless I turn them off and on again. Is that true for you?
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Rrusalka's Avatar

06.11.2019 , 01:11 PM | #2
I've actually never heard a single sound out of any of them. No matter how I changed my sound settings. It would be interesting if I could finally hear them.

ceryxp's Avatar

06.11.2019 , 08:07 PM | #3
I have a few different ones scattered around my various strongholds. I'll have to check them all in the morning. I'd love it if I could finally hear some casino noises, temple whispers, or birds chirping without having to stand directly next to the sound machine, with the audio turned up, and my ear right next to my speaker.

ETA: It sounds like they upped the volume on these things and maybe also increased their radius. I'm now able to hear these much clearer when I'm close to them, but I can now also hear them when I'm outside of the room they are in. In the solarium of my Nar Shaddaa stronghold I have a casino set up with two of the casino ambient machines, one at each end of the room, and with them both turned on and standing between them I can now hear casino noises. It's still faint, but before I couldn't hear anything unless I was within a few meters of the machine.

I didn't notice the issue you mentioned Xina. I have a lab sounds machine in a med bay on Nar Shaddaa (located in the northwest room). I turned that on, ran around the room and could hear it everywhere, went outside the room and could still hear it within a short range of the door, then ran down to check the casino sounds machine in the solarium; when I went back up to the main room I could hear the lab sounds again as I got close to the northwest room.
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