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Marauder in meta?

Baumsteiner's Avatar

03.28.2019 , 10:20 AM | #1
Hello everyone. I've started playing again after taking a break of 1-2 years from this game.

My question is the following: is marauder any good for PVE ? (especially operations)
I know everyone should play his/her favourite class but I'm still a bit concerned about my mara main. I almost never see any other mara's in operations and sometimes even hear people making fun of the class (Yesterday someone said something like "So what's mara for again? Using bloodthirst and then die instantly, right?")
In general I have the feeling that range DDs are better for pve in all ways (they dont have to care about voids that spawn next to the boss, way less to mind about than a melee etc.)
Then in dps rankings I noticed that even classes like assassin or mercenary (which not only have damage disciplines) outperform marauder... I am really unsure whether I should keep playing my mara or if I should start a new class.

Looking forward to other opinions on this. Thanks!

GhOsTPrOz's Avatar

03.28.2019 , 12:29 PM | #2
Marauder is probably one of the best classes, one of the highest parsing, 3 viable specs, good DCD, amazing raid utility, plus a raid buff. Pretty much almost essential for NIM raiding in my opinion. Ranged Damage classes also are not very good believe it or not. Gunslinger really only has two "viable" specs and one is difficult to play well in fights/not conducive to most fights (Engineering). And the only other "viable" Ranged spec is Innovative Ordanace. Sage DPS, Marksman and Arsenal are the lowest parsing DPS specs. In my opinion every class and spec is viable for everything however some such as sage DPS require a near perfect mastery to pull off because there is less room for error there. However with 258 gear most competent DPS players can make the checks on any fight. There are some fights were its more convenient to have specific classes or specs (Izax HM for example you want 3 or 4 strong dot spread classes) But in your case as long as you learn Watchman and one of the burst specs you will be fine. Good Mara/Sent DPS is highly desired.
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zorngodofall's Avatar

04.02.2019 , 05:14 PM | #3
It's because there's a lack of good mara's these days. I see somewhere in the vicinity of 70% of maras player annihilation and that's it and it's so cringe. Mara is actually a difficult class to play well, whereas a lot of other classes like vengeance or arsenal or engineering or etc is exceedingly easy to play just because that you can get decent parses (excluding arsenal....) without actually being good at the spec.

Mara, especially carnage requires skill to play and more skill to master. Anni is also up there in terms of difficulty. You also need to play two specs depending on your skill with carnage just because of armor debuff reasons.

Maras are still high tier because of raid utility, dtps, and dps. Mara memes have always been a thing though.

Baumsteiner's Avatar

04.03.2019 , 10:31 AM | #4
Thanks for the two replies

Another question that makes me thinking is whether I should use Fury or Annihilation for operations...
Parsely leaderboard says that fury is much better at DPS, when I look at single boss dps rankings though I never find fury but only anni

Defecter's Avatar

04.03.2019 , 11:41 AM | #5
First you need to determine at what level you are going to do (or aim to do) Ops. For anything but hardcore cutting edge progression ops, the difference between the specs isn't going to make or break a fight. So, unless you're aiming for that level, it's an honest case of 'play what you like best or are most comfortable on'. Especially on a Marauder, where all 3 specs are viable.

I for example, utterly despise DoT specs. Watching DoTs and playing whack-a-mole to reapply them is just not my thing. I will never play them. Even if they'd have damage/DPS advantage over other specs, I still wouldn't play it. Simply because I'm not a hardcore Ops player and I'd rather have fun playing than squeezing out that last 0.001% of extra DPS (which can be fun for some).

For anything other than non-story mode Ops in PvE, it quite literally does not matter what you play. You can take the crappiest parsing class at the moment and still wreck face.
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GhOsTPrOz's Avatar

04.04.2019 , 05:04 PM | #6
I would disagree with the above theory. Yes you should play what you like best but in some fights being limited to one spec will hurt the group and your own performance. Example- A and E HM and Izax HM are way easier with Dot specs, I don't think Izax can be killed without a single dot spec, A and E can be its just going to be harder, and take Calphyus for example, need big burst on that fight. So yes play what you want but know that some specs are just intrinsically better then others.
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