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Outfit Request - Sith Disciple

Thuzard's Avatar

01.16.2020 , 11:17 AM | #1
I can't seem to figure out how to directly display the outfit I had in mind, so here's a clumsy link!

Disciple's Battle-Suit
Head - Disciple's Visage (Dye-able Coif, Headplate, Dye-able mouth covering)
Body - Disciple's Battle-suit (Breastplate, groin plate, pauldrons, Dye-able under-cloth)
Legs - Disciple's Leggings (Dyeable Under-cloth, Shin bands, knee pads)
Belt - Disciples Waistguard (Metal layered belt)
Hands - Disciple's Wraps (Thick arm wrappings, bulky gauntlet)
Feet - Disciple's Treads (TC shoe, Metal band vertically up the back and plate on the bottom)

I've actually been trying to remake this exact outfit in-game for some time and I've learned-- it's completely impossible

There are no hooded battle-suits, no cloth face-masks without goggles, no thick arm-wraps-- none of that D:

So if you'd please consider adding this, or an edited version of it to the Cartel Market, I'd gladly pay for it