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SW or JK

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02.15.2019 , 06:36 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by JuventusAndFCK View Post
I find Teeseven's enthusiasm charming, I think i'd find it more annoying if it wasn't a robot.

I have played through SW twice now, once as light sided and once as neutral. My neutral ended up with a lot of light side options though, but I feel like, at least with her allignment, I can more easily RP a sensible personality for her to remain imperial while not descenting into all out madness.
In the end I found her a nice fit for that kind of story. A lot of the light-side dialogue is kinda middle-of-the-road for the SW anyway; mentions of "not falling to darkness" and such still fit quite nicely.
My SW is definitely on the darker side of neutral, and I felt like that was a good place to be. She is Sith, but doesn't bathe in the blood of her victims. She doesn't like the institution of slavery, and doesn't slaughter people without cause, but is merciless in battle against her equals. IMO, going totally light-side doesn't really fit with the game-play, since all your combat techniques are based around channelling rage.