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How the heck is he this fas

madraruaso's Avatar

04.01.2019 , 07:43 AM | #1
I looked at this parse
just to check how my rotation is going in fury and so on. I saw it and it was prety similar.

But how does he can be this fast. i mean, if i count it right, his gcd is around 1.2, which as i know shouldnt be possible with your gear, because you need over 4000 for that, he doesnt use predation and the speed buff of force carmouflage cant explain it that fast.

Am i just stupid not to figure it out? If somebody can, please explain.

mrphstar's Avatar

04.01.2019 , 08:14 AM | #2
dont mind the parsely boards anymore. people are using a bugged alacrity guild perk, especialy one guild, to get 10% speed. the perk should give 5%, but its bugged and actualy adds 10% on top so that you can reach the 25% 1.2 GCD threshold.

parsely admins smh refuse to remove them, alltought its blatant obvious and one could easily see whats going on within seconds looking at the log.
i dont get the logic to remove parses with guild perks in general which are part of the game, but keeping parses with bugged perks forever. hence i just stopped uploading and comparing my parses when learning new specs. top20 parses just give you an unrealistic number to compete with and therefor wont help anyone to improove.

just to give you an idea: fury mara should be at 11.8-12k without any guild perks, depending on crit rng.