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why nerf a 3dps class

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11.26.2018 , 10:27 PM | #31

I see you people are lazy to type the name of the speculation for Sentinel along with Marauder.
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11.26.2018 , 11:22 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by DavidAtkinson View Post
They should100% shouldn't nerf Sentinel/Marauder.
Good work Bioware. I like to bite my toenails
No one plays Watchman or Combat because they aren't very good after being over nerfed because kiddos couldn't handle a class with 3 viable specs for PVP.
Please explain what you mean by... "No one"?
You saying Watchman and Combat are no longer popular... I know from the very start of the game(release of SW:TOR)... Combat was never popular. Watchman was a favourite to MOST people.
Both Watchman and Focus(Concentration) were equally chosen/popular.
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12.14.2018 , 06:00 PM | #33
der ner muh cwass!!!!
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12.30.2018 , 05:59 PM | #34
i been here since 1.0. maybe 1 class deserve a damage nerf that was operatives. the problem isn't fury or any other spec. it's like this bioware can fix a class. but they can't fix a bad player. in the end it comes down to the player skill. especially warzone's are bolstered to 252. right now pvp is about even as it will get. of course nothing is perfect.

until people get there full 258 gear then pvp is about balance with all classes. somebody said earlier fix the problems now. then look at other classes if there is a issue. messing with fury is just stupid. 99% of this game nerfs came from bad players who didn't know how to counter the spec or learn to beat it.

that isn't anybody else fault except the player getting beat. everybody can't win. no matter what the garbage people say on T.V. even if they magically fix fury. then the same bad players will find another spec to cry about. this is a vicious cycle with all games almost.

lastly, i blame Bioware for listening to people who didn't want to put the effort in to get better. since they lost to fury mara well the class need to be nerf. as that gonna solve the problem of them sucking at the game.
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02.17.2019 , 05:01 PM | #35
Sentinel, Marauder, Gunslinger, and Sniper definitely do deserve to consistently outperform all other classes in terms of damage because they are DPS-only classes, and they don't exactly have very good means to heal themselves in the midst of battle, with the exception of Annihilation/Watchman. Sentinels and Marauders even have the means to cleanse themselves with Force Camouflage, but they also have to activate the Expunging Camouflage Utility Point in order to utilize it. To be honest, that shouldn't be a utility, it should just be given to Sentinels/Marauders as a normal passive ability, or modify the ability itself to contain the said mechanic, because it is that good of a perk. Even with Expunging Camouflage, it isn't perfect. I'll get into that in a different thread, though, which will be under Bug Report.