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My New Take on GSF

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07.22.2019 , 03:11 PM | #1
So, let's revisit this thread that I created about a month ago.

GSF is no longer fun. I notice the same names every match, most of them even play together and don't solo queue. Certain ships have an unfair disadvantage while others are just way too strong. In a single match, one team will go through a rotation of about 10-20 people who leave because they're getting absolutely gutter stomped by the other team. The other team gets bored because there's no challenge and just want to finish the match faster.

This isn't fun. It's starting to feel like old warzones when premade groups in Ranked&Augmented gear would stoop into unranked warzones and stomp on players who don't even have half of a pvp set to fight with.

The learning curve in Galactic Starfighter IS INSANE. It's not even "it's difficult". It's so far beyond that.

GSF IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO GET INTO WITHOUT WANTING TO SMASH EVERYTHING. I have two characters that I play GSF on, one pubside one impside. I'm not a good pilot, if anything I'm barely average but even then I have matches where I'd be able to hold my own. Still, there's matches that just seem hopeless and pointless to stay in because there'a an entire group of people who just know more and are outright 20 times better than your entire team.

You ask your team for advice: "Kill them, don't let them kill you"
You ask your team for help while being chased: "Help out stop dying"
You ask your team to help cover a node: "Go to another node don't die"

There's nothing going for GSF anyway. It's not like old warzones where you got gear from it, or commendations to buy crystals for your weapons that you could use in PvE. But unlike warzones in general, you have PvE to at least teach you what your rotations are, how to move around, what to do when you're stunned, how to capitalize on stuns and slows. Groupfinder teaches you how to work in a group, so that when you get into PvP, you're already used to SOME level of teamwork. GSF doesn't hold any of that. It, quite literally, hands you a pamphlet with minimal explanation and a tutorial that's way too basic and says "Here's a fleet of ships. Go have fun."

GSF is not fun anymore and frankly. I really wanted to be able to enjoy it, to really get into it. But the more I play it, it's just not being fun anymore. It's just becoming yet another grindfest added to an MMO that already has a ridiculous amount of grinding in it.

GSF needs more people, it needs more rewards, better rewards after each match, different maps with actual ground, a much higher understanding, a mode where you can practice flying on other maps to discover where powerups are or sweet spots to snipe with a Gunship, a game-type SELECTION so you don't have to feel like you want to burn everything in your house playing TDM. IT JUST NEEDS MORE.

GSF is almost in the exact same spot it was when I came back to SWTOR late mid 2014. It's been 5 years. Warzones have been expanded, PvE has been expanded. The rewards in both and what each of those give outside of them have been expanded on. What is there that GSF has to offer besides a mini-game basically?

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07.29.2019 , 06:45 PM | #2
I would pretty much agree with you. I'm not a noob pilot, even though I do make noob mistakes sometimes out of frustration. But the current state of GSF is not fun. I enjoy it, weirdly enough, but its not fun. I know that doesn't make sense. I get angry when I win, I get angry when I lose. If you're not flying a GS, or a SF, then you are a glutton for punishment. What seems to be happening is people are so frustrated, they premade up, ruin the queue and it doesn't pop for awhile. Mostly because nobody likes being farmed, and everyone likes being carried. The alternative, and its almost worse, is that everyone picks a gunship and bombers, and they protect each other. Essentially camping and you are unable to reach them, because there is ZERO coordination if you aren't running a premade in voice. Zero. You can try to communicate but it doesn't make any difference, unless all veterans are on. So many people will argue that GSF is fine, but Strike Fighters are OP AF. There is a reason its what 90% of people pick. Scouts are essentially worthless unless you are in the middle of nowhere 1v1ing. People will say "Well you aren't flying correctly then". There is NO way a scout can reach a team that is camping Gunships and bombers. You just can't do it. I don't care how much you Line of Sight, but bombers protecting Gunships is a cancer to the game. It doesn't become about flying anymore. Its just sitting around, letting your mines/drones attack anyone that comes close to stop the barrage of gunship spam.

Sure you can out fly a Strike FIghter with a Scout, but......why? You get more of everything with a SF. The only thing you don't get is BLC. Which aren't even fun anymore. You have to be so close to get them off, and one wrong move and youre dead from a Slug from a GS, or a mine from a bomber anyways, which there is a plethora of since they made the matches so large. There is no point in running a scout. Sure EMP is cool, but youre going to rush in, pop it off and die. "maybe" take out a few drones but thats your entire strategy. Rush in die and maybe a teammate that isn't afk can coordinate with you. So instead of actually trying, just pick a GS or a bomber and sit around waiting for people to come to you. Every time I queue, I say this is the last time I play this mode. Even when I win, or on top of leaderboards, it felt like a slog to get there. GSF just isn't fun anymore. If you look at all the people here that say its so fun, and in a good spot, watch their youtube videos, or gameplay. They never fly alone. They always have coordination. Premade GSF is a TON of fun. But you destroy everyone, make them angry, and kill the queue and now you have to wait until everyone who raged calms down. Its not sustainable for newer players.

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08.01.2019 , 10:16 PM | #3
Well, cya. Not sure what you are expecting, other than what it is. And has been since it came out.

Basically, GSF is the last thing on their minds when they want to update.

The people that rekt you now, are no where near as good as the pilots who left, due to not enough competition.

The people you see 'at the top of the board' wouldnt be with these pilots back in the fold.

I notice in DISCORD, you seem to complain a lot. I mean, from the get go.

It almost seems, you would rather beat on GSF than actually work to get good.

We tell you certain builds to use, crews etc, and you end up 'i like this better' and now you are like I hate GSF.

If you might listen, and work on using those builds, you might actually enjoy it a bit.

You are basically, really irritating. Like finger nails on a chalk board.

With Love

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10.05.2019 , 02:58 PM | #4
Your going to get the:

B. Make Friends

But the reality when the pvp player pool starts to dry up allowing people to group beyond pairs of 2 it's devastating to the average player. This goes for all pvp games. Multiply that by two for SWTOR because there are two factions which automatically halve the population.
I grok in fullness.
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10.05.2019 , 06:47 PM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by HuaRya View Post
Your going to get the:

B. Make Friends

But the reality when the pvp player pool starts to dry up allowing people to group beyond pairs of 2 it's devastating to the average player. This goes for all pvp games. Multiply that by two for SWTOR because there are two factions which automatically halve the population.
GSF is cross faction.
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