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Reworking the ELO rating system for solo rank.

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Reworking the ELO rating system for solo rank.

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08.18.2020 , 09:18 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by TrixxieTriss View Post
Yep, I donít think people who advocate ELO understand itís origins.
ELO is obviously not perfect, but it generally works. There's a reason many competitive online games use it. If you play enough matches in a random setting, you are the only constant. There are times when you cannot win because your teammates hold you back. There are times when you win because your teammates or composition carry you. But there are plenty of games where your performance affects the outcome. That is why all of the decent players can reliably get high ratings season after season. If it were truly all luck like some would have you believe, that would be impossible.

Quote: Originally Posted by SwtorThrill View Post
Glad people are keeping the thread alive through discussion, sad it's about group rank though. I really hoped for more support on changing the current solo ranking system. You don't need to support my idea but something has to be done different, right?
I have nothing against the idea, in principle. But I don't see how it would actually lead to an improvement. The main purpose of elo is to balance the teams properly to create fair matches. How would that happen in a system such as yours? And would it actually end up sorting people more accurately?