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Questions About Zakuul

Ylliarus's Avatar

11.02.2016 , 01:22 PM | #1
Hey there,

I had a few lore questions about Zakuul, as I need the answers for some RP. The first, did the Eternal Empire have some form of nobility, like noble houses as we have seen on Alderaan or the Sith noble houses? The second question is if despite the Skytroopers, Zakuul would still have organic military troops or marines? The third, is whether conscription into the Knights of Zakuul was mandatory when found to be Force Sensitive?

If someone could reply to these questions I would be thoroughly grateful!
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11.02.2016 , 01:46 PM | #2
I want to say there is some form of nobility only because I vaguely remember seeing some NPCs my character rescued that had above text saying they were noble or influential. I don't remember anything particularly specific such as with Alderaan stating someone's a duke or baron.

As far as conscription for the Knights of Zakuul, I don't think anything's been said of them asides from they're Force users. So that could mean they're automatically recruited like the Sith/Jedi do, joining the Knights could be played up like it's ones civic duty to want to join, or some other way I can't think of at this moment.

With the skytroopers, all I can remember that we're told is the Eternal Empire is heavily reliant on its droids to the point it's detrimental. It's clear that from the Knights and Koth's dialog that the Zakuul military while very droid dependent, isn't completely made of up droids. As we don't know how long it took for this to happen with their society we're left guessing as to how much of the military is made up of droids and who's a fleshie.
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11.02.2016 , 04:33 PM | #3
Zakuul is a classless society by design; there are no nobility (bar the royal family). Everyone has equal privileges, status and means.

The Zakuulan military does still have organics, mainly in command, strategic and tactical roles (positions that require intuition, flexibility and experienced judgement). Most of its common manpower (the rank and file) are Skytroopers.

Not so sure about the Knights. From what's discussed in-game, their loyalty and devotion to Valkorion is completely unwavering; not to mention their commitment to enforcing and preserving the grand society he created. From this I think we can infer that it's a bit of a dream of children to be a Knight, so any who do turn out to be Force-sensitive will actively want to join-up. Whether there's conscription I don't know, but I doubt they have many hesitant recruits.
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11.03.2016 , 08:46 AM | #4
First off there are no noble houses apart from the royal family. However there does seem to be a level of society structure,those born into the lower levels find it hard to get out of it. If you look at the lower levels of Zakuul where the cults are and you also have the outcasts who live in the swamps. Also you have slaves who aren't like other places they are specifically for pit fighting.

Second they have soldiers and marines that are human but like the empire they are only human. You really only see the. On the star fortresses for some odd reason, but you also have human mechanics and such who work on the skytroopers.

Thirdly prior to the rule of Arcann there were options for force sensitives they could join the knights or the other seer faction (I can't remember the name). However they are forced to join them, obviously after Arcann rose to power he got rid of the seers only leaving one option for force sensitives.

A lot of Zakuul is similar to the Sith Empire which is understandable since they had the same leader moulding it for some time.