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Why didn't we have an April Fools joke today?

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Why didn't we have an April Fools joke today?

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04.02.2016 , 02:39 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Drudenfusz View Post
... Sure, I am also disappointed with BioWare to have forgotten this nice tradition they had...
/absolutely signed

I enjoyed this every single year since it was. Remember:
- 2010 Introducing: Sarlacc Enforcer Class
- 2011 Shyriiwook Localization
- 2112 Live the Ship Droid Experience!
- 2013 Game Update 2.1: Dance of the Hutts
- 2014 Be the Weapon! Be the Asteroid!
- 2015 Go Big, Go Small, Go Nowhere
A Guldmate of mine did'nt even recognize Kai Zykken's announcement as an apri fools joke the whole day last year ... funny for me.

So breaking up with that tradition makes me very, very sad ...
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