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Endless Offensive Set

Sandrosw's Avatar

06.15.2020 , 02:20 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Ahwassa View Post
Thats what I did before. I got 1-2 pieces a week.
Lucky you. I got 3 parts from Kai gambling over 2 months, as I started doing that when the change was on PTS and I decided I must have that set Although I was lucky enough to finish the set with only 1 duplicate part, so there is that...
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06.18.2020 , 01:49 PM | #12
So as a healer my actual numbers are a little lower but burst is a lot higher. Being able to keep a tank up is a lot better and I would say on par or better than Commando. Also added group burst healing is nice. Still working out numbers and trying to get my dummy parses higher when I have a guildie that will dual with me while I parse.

Any thoughts from other healers running this set ?

Ahwassa's Avatar

06.25.2020 , 03:26 PM | #13
So has anyone a list of nightmare bosses where Endless Offensive is really good?
I usually use the set when I know the bosses very well and when there is not much to heal.

For example Asation (all bosses except the second) or Dread Palace (bosses 3+4).

I run with 931 accuracy btw because I want that 1.3 GCD and need as much crit (2.281) I can get.