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Same gender relationships clarifications?

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Same gender relationships clarifications?
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11.13.2012 , 09:10 PM | #3071
Quote: Originally Posted by chuixupu View Post
They should make it Watcher 2, then we all win!
I can go for that. Especially if they added a bit of *really* flirty banters there, something to make her feel like she would be more comfortable around another woman.

/hilarious joking.
Han Solo: Great, kid. Don't get cocky.

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11.13.2012 , 09:33 PM | #3072
Quote: Originally Posted by chuixupu View Post
That's kind of funny....I haven't played a female agent so I never knew what goes on there. Though I do know that she approaches human and alien agents quite differently. She's very speciesist!
I think she'd be a great SGR character, though. Oddly I think she's probably got the most interesting romance and she's not even a companion. And maybe they'll actually add something for her in the future :/ she kind of leaves you hanging.
Per Alex Freed (the IA story lead) they went back and forth about making W2 a companion several times, but ultimately decided to keep her as a hugely important supporting character through all three acts.

I am of the opinion though that she'll be recruitable at some point in the future, just like I'm convinced Act I's big bad will be making a return.

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11.14.2012 , 03:37 PM | #3073
Quote: Originally Posted by stuffystuffs View Post
I always read those scenes as incredibly awkward sexual tension.
It's no less hilariously awkwardly bizarre for a male agent that doesn't flirt. Oh good lord. 'Let's talk about what we just talked about once more in a dark corner so we can fill our 'creepy intel vibe' quota for today'.

I really honestly want Saganu for male IA. I really really do. I would've taken him as a companion over Temple in a heartbeat...

Speaking earlier of unfair romances in other classes though:


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11.14.2012 , 04:12 PM | #3074
Anything new and wonderful this past week? I've been travelling and am just now home to catch up. I did see we got no traction with the Hall Hood Q&A, but that's hardly unexpected. Anything else?

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11.14.2012 , 04:24 PM | #3075
Quote: Originally Posted by Uluain View Post
Anything new and wonderful this past week? I've been travelling and am just now home to catch up. I did see we got no traction with the Hall Hood Q&A, but that's hardly unexpected. Anything else?
I thought they'd eaten you! :O

Also, no, no news. We're still unloved.

General consensus is "after Free2Play drops", but Bioware are going to fart-arseing about for weeks with that.

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11.14.2012 , 04:59 PM | #3076
Also, still no reply to my last PM to Allison, cc'd to Joveth, so I re-sent it (again) with a new introduction:

Still Re: SGRs


I see there is a brand new, bright, shiny yellow BW post on hood toggles, quoting a shiny yellow BW post from last month. How nice that those awaiting the story-shaping option to have the hoods of their robes up or down are being updated monthly.

We have heard nothing about same-gender romantic content at all on these forums, ever. We have heard nothing off these forums since August, and nothing official since March. We've tried weekly Q&As, Developer Q&As, old dedicated threads, new threads, Facebook posts, Twitter posts, private messages and emails.

I specifically have sought your input, at your invitation, as to how we might better to proceed. I have asked for an explanation of what the difficulties are for the Community Team. I have heard nothing back.

If I wasn't clear when I sent this two weeks ago, and since the reminder I sent last week seems not to have been received, I do in fact require a reply to this and the following. Thanks.


Quote: Originally Posted by Uluain
I think it's plain to all of us that I have gone right off the deep end on this now. Sorry. I've been trying to take a big step back and get back on a more reasonable keel before replying. That said, I do perceive some things about how this topic is handled which do genuinely cause some concern.

None of them are helped by me throwing the rules out the window and going axe-crazy on the forums. I am sorry. But behaving ourselves wasn't accomplishing anything either.

Perhaps the foremost frustration for me is that if this is in fact coming with Makeb, it must be pretty nearly in the can and offering any feedback at this stage is pointless. Other than gnawing the gristle and bones of what we have been told, and continuing to ask questions in hopes of adjusting expectations, we have nothing to accomplish.

Second is the awareness that we have never been told anything about this on the Community Forums, the forums we have now. I wasn't here for beta. I joined right after launch. In the Weekly Q&A, I think we demonstrated considerable interest. That question was consistently passed over. We see developers talking about this, that and the other content, addressing a variety of player questions.

When I am not spitting bile, I do my darnedest to be there whenever a thread goes up saying "Where's the Communication" to point at how much we see on the Dev Tracker every week, and to point out all the other outlets the Community Team employs to speak to players and to listen. I have stood up for Joveth and I have done all I can to give you the recognition you deserve. I see what you post. I am paying attention. A lot gets said. But never to us.

While players from beta days have preserved Stephen Reid's announcement and the commentary he gave to put it in context, that wasn't said to us. It remains the cookie cutter answer long after launch, long after the man who issued it has left the studio.

It was also to a pre-launch audience, that the question of what companions might be involved was dismissed as unanswerable at that time. And that has never been addressed. No, Daniel Erickson saying "we aren't going to tell you" doesn't count particularly after he was explicit that he did know.

Later, with much in doubt after both Reid and Erickson's departure, an announced shift toward emphasis on group content and then a move toward Free to Play, we just wanted to know if those statements remained current, and couldn't even be told that.

I have asked in various ways for some kind of explanation of why this is so, what is reasonable to ask about, how to help by aiming questions toward what might be discussed. I never heard anything back.

With all that in mind, being encouraged to continue to discuss in the Story and Lore thread isn't discouraging. It's cruel.

How, from what I have seen to date, am I supposed to credit your assurances that the Community Team "is working to bring more information as soon as possible"? It is possible now. You are a well-spoken, articulate woman. You post on the forums every day.

So please don't say it is not possible. It is obviously possible to release information on other subjects. I have yet to hear why this content is different. And yet it is unmistakably being treated differently. Disadvantageously to players trying to know how to best approach the game while we wait.

Yes, it will be controversial but that is a call that was already made a year ago last September. EA has already stared down the beady-eyed gaze of the Family Research Council, as I understand, twice now without a flinch. That controversy will have to be faced again, head on, at some point if this makes it into the game. Why not now?

Please help me understand, because your asking for my understanding and I don't have any. I guess. I infer. I surmise. And as for my patience, I am sorry but I have none left. It's gone. I used it up. Best I can offer is to shut up, or give you due cause to cut off my posting privileges. That's not how I want my participation in this community to be. I really don't.

But without something to go on, it's all I am left with. Please think about what I have said. Put it aside, let it sink in, come back, and read it again. I mean it in the best possible way. But I need something in return.

-- [my actual name]
aka Uluain

Quote: Originally Posted by AllisonBerryman
Hi Again Uluain!

Sorry I didn't respond to your earlier pm more quickly!

If you see anyone violating the forum rules, please make sure to report them so that moderation can take care of any inappropriate posts. Regarding moderation policies, I feel like my earlier PM explains the redirection and closing of threads (you'll see most recently that we've needed to merge and remove many duplicate threads on the Disney topic).

We know you are frustrated that there is no new information to share, but I can assure you again that the Community Team is well-aware of your concerns and is working to bring more information as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience in the meantime!

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11.14.2012 , 05:07 PM | #3077
Quote: Originally Posted by Uluain View Post
Also, still no reply to my last PM to Allison, cc'd to Joveth, so I re-sent it (again) with a new introduction:
At this point I've given up trying to contact them. The Community Team's been about as helpful as a Gregg's in a gym, and not nearly as tasty.

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11.14.2012 , 05:37 PM | #3078
Welcome to Sesame Street - today's word is "Disingenuous". It's bought to you to BioWare's attempts to fob off questions with "everything's still on track, honestly.... but we don't have enough details to want to talk about it."

(I'm aware "disingenuous" has been 'Word of the Day' for months, but the replacement description starts with an F and would get me banned pretty quick.)

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11.14.2012 , 05:47 PM | #3079
Quote: Originally Posted by Palar View Post
(I'm aware "disingenuous" has been 'Word of the Day' for months, but the replacement description starts with an F and would get me banned pretty quick.)

I do so love it when Ms. Berryman reassures us that they're "working" on bringing us information. It makes it sound like they're lost the one piece of paper where everything was written down. And by lost I mean burnt. And by everything I mean "SGRA? Wot is dat?"

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11.14.2012 , 06:11 PM | #3080
I am a fan of disingenuousness. It allowed me to innitially approach the absence of same-gender [Flirt] promts as something that seemed to be bugged for me client-side, via an in-game ticket, rather than something BioWare would be so thoughtless as to omit.

The Comm Team aren't even being disingenuous. They are just being less than informative and less that truthful. I am not sure I'd characterize it as actual lying, but would suggest as a new word of the day "prevarication".