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Sorc heals broken.... again

Ahwassa's Avatar

12.05.2019 , 07:54 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by geofraynils View Post
I only speak of single target.
I didnīt bother to parse single target, I thought in the game you're never just healing one target.
And if thats the case in pvp, you might as well stuck.

The thing the angers me most about the whole situation is, that the rotation of merc healer is pretty much brain dead now. Kolto rocket - supercharged gas - a bit single target heal, thats basically it.

Considering parsely data, the oper heal is fine too (group heal wise.)
Somebody at Bioware doesnīt like force healers.

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12.05.2019 , 01:17 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by Ahwassa View Post
I did some parses.
On 8 targets sorc has 27 k and Merc 36 k hps.
On 4 targets sorc has 22 k and merc 23 k.

From the numbers alone itīs not enough for pvp. Dds do more dps than the healers can heal.
On parsely some dds parse 26 - 28 k ... Another reason not to pvp. Merc is the only viable healer now.
I hope this will be addressed soon.
parsley leaderboards are not effective dps. you beating on a non moving target and dealing with no mechanics. the melee effective dps parses are actually quite a bit lower.
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